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Welcome to Week 6 of Fatal Twelve!

We are reading Fatal Twelve as part of the Visual Novel Book Club! Fatal Twelve is a mystery VN with a death game premise and multiple endings.

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The visuals of the old guy’s house really don’t match up with the text description of it being very cramped and run-down…


Feels like I’m repeating what I say in the other club, but fight scenes in VNs are rarely my thing, haha. This, like, small child is ridiculously good at fighting thing feels very… anime in a way I don’t necessarily enjoy. Of course, not that this VN isn’t a little over the top anyway.

The new characters are pretty good though! And I liked the way we’ve jumped between perspectives. Rinka trying to get someone’s info to nominate them and ending up trying to fix their washing machine pretty much sums up how she’s handling this game :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I tend to not really be into those either as I’ve said in the other club so that scene didn’t really do much for me. I enjoyed the rest of this week’s content though.

I thought it was interesting that the kid’s name card was blank. Makes me wonder if that card is valid to use to eliminate them. I’m guessing it would be since the kid doesn’t know his own name and she does have the card.

Throughout this weeks reading I kept thinking the old guy was plotting something to take down Rinka but it was a nice surprise to see that he (seems) like a decent person. A little weird to see participants being friendly with each other when they have to eliminate each other at some point but I did enjoy the scenes with all of them.

Also a wild guess but I get the feeling Rinka’s cat and that guy in her dreams are gonna be the same person or related some how. It could have just been random but the cat decided to sleep with her and then she sees him in her dreams. In the beginning of the VN when we first saw the guy in her dreams the cat was sleeping with her then too.


Week 7 is up! Apologies for the delay!


Yeah, I was surprised that someone could have a blank card. On the other hand, it does make it uncommonly hard to gain #4’s card. 'Cause I assume most of the participants wouldn’t think to guess “I think #4’s card is blank” to make the card materialize.

Oh, interesting! I never made that connection. That’d be cool! I have wondered if Rete would end up having some sort of plot relevance. :joy:


Random thoughts from the recent readings:

  • We’re learning more about why all the participants have to come to Japan is interesting. If there’s some event tying all the participants together that takes place in Tokyo, that certainly explains the higher percentage of Japanese participants! (and particularly ones in Rinka’s neighborhood) It is interesting that, while this whole selection process is going on, Rinka and Miharu (and, I guess, Ushidzuka, too) can just kinda… go about their daily lives. :woman_shrugging: Probably makes it easier for them to just go on autopilot. However, it also means that all the other participants will be gathering in their hometown and will probably have an easier time finding their personal information. (I mean, Rinka and Miharu go to school nearby, so it probably wouldn’t be too tough to, like RInka was trying to do with Ushidzuka, hang around chat with people to find out their personal info.

  • Sonia wanting Pasajiru to see the world was so adorable and touching. :sob: Especially as I’m someone who really loves my stuffed animals… I can definitely see myself bequeathing an important plush to someone if I knew I was going to die in a few days.

  • Does Rinka not realize that the tourist who came to her cafe was a participant? :thinking: I could be mis-remembering, but I thought Rinka made some comment at one point about how the cardbooks let her understand everyone, not just other participants, and she uses the tourist in the cafe as an example of a non-participant. :woman_shrugging:

  • I like the ongoing theme of the importance of names in this game. It’s a nice way to tie together some of the participants who’ve already died. :slight_smile:

  • #4 is great! :smiley: I love that he believes Ushidzuka that Pachinko is a serious battle he goes to every day. :joy: I also very much enjoyed getting to watch him beat up Federico. :stuck_out_tongue: He and Odette deserve it.

  • #4 is backpack kid, right? The person from the intro of the game who caused the explosion??