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We are reading Fatal Twelve as part of the Visual Novel Book Club! Fatal Twelve is a mystery VN with a death game premise and multiple endings.

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Spoilers just up to 10k, had a few thoughts as I was stopping for the day

It’s been on my mind how much you’d think this structure would lend itself to big choices about who to nominate or not. Instead, we get tiny changes to how you respond in everyday type situations. Obviously that could create huge splits, which makes me wonder how much the different endings will truly change. Of course, this way they get tight control over Rinka’s character, the things she is and isn’t willing to do, and that has its own benefits. Not saying it’s necessarily bad, just interesting that it feels like the material for choices is so clear but they avoided it.

I had thought 未練 was a vague requirement, but didn’t quite think about them changing mid-game. Kinda cool. I’m also happy so far to see a week that very much continues from the last, having just left off on that short talk with Yuu. This is the kind of thing the VN needs now, to not feel like it’s a series of isolated episodes, so I think it’s going to be a good development.

Spoilers for the rest

Well, can’t say I saw that coming, but I guess I should’ve given the warning signs. Some is a little implausible, getting choked to death that way – kinda wild, but I’m fine with it, heh. “Other Yuu” seems a little intense in an anime exaggerated way, but I do like the implication of how he can be a normal sweet boy in more regular circumstances. It’s a nice contrast to… certain other things I’ve read recently :eyes:

Nominate him and Naomi’s back, right? Maybe Rinka really will finally be ready to do it.

What really sticks in my head is the idea that the bombing appeared to be a targeted hit on Rinka? We’re headed for some crazy plot twists, aren’t we? I don’t have the best feeling about that, but we’ll see!


This week was a bit surprising for me. I didn’t think Yuu was gonna retaliate like that immediately. Not really sure how he was able to sneak into the school and set everything up without getting caught but guess his background has trained him really well.

I wasn’t expecting Naomi to become a target and die but maybe I should have saw it coming with how much focus she had this week. It was nice to see how the two met. Rinka seems really shaken up but I wonder if she remembers everything will be undone if she can eliminate Yuu?

It seems like the main story is starting to get intense. The episodic thing of meeting a new person and then them getting eliminated at the end of the week was okay at first but was starting to feel stale so the twists this week felt like a good change of pace.


I just remembered the flag comment :skull:


Week 9 is now live! I do have some news posted in the thread there, if everyone can take a look!


Some of these notes are probably from the previous week, but I kinda got behind and lost track of what week was what. :sweat_smile:

Here are my rambling, somewhat stream-of-consciousness thoughts on the recent readings.

Yuu makes a comment about sharpening the kitchen knives. :joy: Rinka gets to cook with sharpened-for-murder knives. :joy:

Another pedantic thing that I’m sure just me overthinking things: Yuu says いただきます before eating RInka’s food. How does the book translate those sorts of phrases that don’t exist in certain languages? :thinking:

Rinka and Yuu getting headaches… is that, perhaps, a side effect of their memory issues? Perhaps a side effect of the rewriting of history?

Why doesn’t Miharu like Naomi? Is she jealous? Does she distrust her?

I liked Ushidzuka talking with Paruka about TV. :rofl:

Interesting that the house is gone when Rinka goes to find it… I wonder where Yuu woke up - was he just lying in an empty lot where the house should have been? What about the money Ushidzuka left for Yuu? Didn’t he say he had left money for Yuu in the house somewhere? If the house vanishes, though… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why is the house gone anyway? When Ushidzuka died, did they raze the house to the ground or something? 'Cause the only stuff that’s supposed to be ‘undone’ is stuff from the time since the 選定 started. :thinking:

I felt smart when Yuu’s 未練 changed. :joy: As soon as Aran said he wanted Yuu’s 未練, I was like “Huh, that’s weird. Didn’t Aran make a whole thing about how he always likes to get name cards even though they’re not the most useful? Can your 未練 change? Is the game setting up a plot point like that and that’s why they had to make Aran choose the 未練 this time?” :sunglasses:

Naomi dying was so sad. :frowning: Poor Naomi… Yuu really does just want revenge and wants to corner RInka so she’ll feel like she has to nominate Yuu in order to bring Naomi back to life. He can’t target RInka directly, since participants are largely immune, but he can target someone she’s close to. (I wonder if Naomi would have any memories of her death if she is brought back in that way… talk about traumatic :grimacing: ) At least, I’m assuming that’s what his reasoning was. He even says something about how his death will have more meaning if Rinka’s the one who does it…

The thing I don’t understand about that, though, is that, after he leaves the school, he says something to Rinka about how he won’t die so easily this time. Not sure if I misread or misinterpreted that, but that seems to go against what I assumed his motive for killing Naomi was (i.e. force Rinka to nominate him). It is true, though, that Rinka doesn’t know his new 未練, so even if she wanted to nominate him right now, she can’t. Maybe he’s conflicted on his own motives or killing Naomi was partially just retaliation. :woman_shrugging:

It’s also a kinda weird inconsistency where Federico was stabbed earlier in the game, but Yuu can stand in the middle of a raging fire/explosion and all he gets is a cut on his cheek. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Maybe 'cause Yuu’s attack on Federico was more targeted? It’s surprising that he wouldn’t have at least gotten some burns from the fire, even if (as he said) desks and stuff blocked the explosion for him.