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Welcome to Week 4 of Fatal Twelve!

We are reading Fatal Twelve as part of the Visual Novel Book Club! Fatal Twelve is a mystery VN with a death game premise and multiple endings.

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Thoughts so far on this week’s part!

It’s interesting getting some PoV from Aran (and we learned his name!) and we see that he has a bit of a hang up about names… and may be coming after Rinka more directly now that he has her name card. :worried:

Some really touching scenes at the start of this part, too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I really appreciated the scene in the cafe with Keiko, especially with her comment about RInka’s name. That was so sweet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We got some nice character development from Rinka, thanks to Keiko, plus Keiko needling Aran before she died was excellent. :joy:

Also, that’s smart of Keiko to try to come up with a contingency plan to effect some change even if she’s eliminated (though Rinka’s right that, if Rinka dies, that will also get undone… she’d need to somehow convince all the other participants to do the same).

I tend to get really emotionally invested in visual novels and some of the scenes in this section are doing a great job at getting me really attached to these characters. Some rather poignant scenes so far.


Something I’ve been wondering…

Will Naomi forget about Keiko now that she’s been eliminated? Keiko’s last few weeks have now been undone, after all. As much as I loved Naomi’s willingness to help, it would be kinda awkward to have her continually forget all the people they’ve been looking into. :sweat_smile: I wonder if that means she’s forgotten about Aran, too. I mean, the only met because of Keiko… :thinking:

It’s possible I’ll get the answer in this week’s reading, but I haven’t finished it yet and wanted to get the question out there, at least.


Actually a pretty breezy week this time I thought, nothing too hard. Gonna hope that means I’m adjusting more than it means it was just easier, haha.


Hmm, not bad. It’s a sensible enough structure to move from character to character this way, weaving them together would be more difficult for sure, but I do wonder if we’re going to stick tightly to this formula of learning about the victim of the week each time. Not so bad right now, but that might start feeling a little predictable? Especially the way that for a second time in a row, someone wandered right up to Rinka’s door. The adventures with Sonia are cute, though all impending danger about Alan Scorpion (that name lmao) has vanished; Rinka is truly no good at this, haha.

I like Sonia though, so overall a nice week. Getting a brief glimpse into :scorpion: ALAN SCORPION’s :scorpion: head was a welcome surprise. And I liked how Keiko’s end was handled, she got to be relatively dignified facing it in the end and made her own little contingency plan. Can’t help thinking, since she has a serious stake in wanting Rinka to make it, that she only didn’t give Rinka all the info on cards in her possession to maintain more story tension, but it’s fine I suppose.

Spoilers.... ?

このゲームとっても難しい…であります :teddy_bear:


I couldn’t really get that invested with Keiko and her elimination. I guess its the nature of the game that some characters will disappear quickly but felt like her whole arc from starting off as a “bad” guy trying to get info from Rinka to her and Rinka being all friendly was too fast. I think the scenes definitely showed that Rinka can be too trusting/nice at times. Guess it didn’t really hurt her here but feels like it will later on with someone.

I like Sonia so far though. I think they did a better job with her, especially since it seems like she has no ulterior motives so it was easier to sympathize with her. It was nice seeing the cast have some happy moments although a bit sad since it seems like Sonia will be out next. All of her であります were very cute too.

This is a good point that I didn’t think about. Naomi kind of has some memories of Rinka’s original death even though she isn’t part of the selection thing so its hard to say if she’d forget about her or not. It would be pretty awkward if Naomi did forget everything though since Rinka would still retain those memories.


Oh, huh, Keiko’s note was still on the desk when Rinka woke up, but the contents were gone. Interesting way to handle that. Rinka also mentioned Naomi’s memory of the train explosion. So the 「なかったことにする」process is imperfect. I wonder why that is. Is someone, like, having to do it manually? (like Parca or someone else has to go in and remove each thing that person touched or affected) Plus, apparently Naomi’s glasses are still broken. Does she remember why they broke? Or does she just think “Huh, weird, must’ve broken my glasses.”? I’m really interested to see how the game handles the effects of 「なかったことにする」。

Also, Sonia’s 「であります」 made me think of Rika in Higurashi, and her 「なのです」。 Both adorable. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I agree. I found the ending of Keiko’s character arc really touching. (especially her discussion about names with Rinka and Rinka’s own name) But her character arc felt very rushed. It may be realistic - I mean, this is a pretty desperate situation, so it’s conceivable that she was desperately trying to get info from Rinka and trick her and stuff… and then, when she realized it wouldn’t work, realized she had to just accept it. Rinka helping her and Haruki when Aran came in may have helped push that realization from Keiko, as well… but it did feel weirdly rushed for the sake of making each week episodic.

Also, does anyone else find that Keiko talks really fast? Her voice was also kinda soft, so especially when playing on my Switch on the bus (I have headphones, but still), I had a much harder time catching what she was saying compared to everyone else. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


finally caught up whee

The only reason Keiko gave up and stopped trying to pull one over on Rinka was cuz Alan got all her cards, so he knew she was getting eliminated. So it was kinda abrupt but there was good reason for it.

I did think she was gonna ask Rinka to eliminate her, tho, so that Alan didn’t get her cards. Well, maybe Sonia will… (C’mon, at least give her your cards.) Ofc, Alan didn’t have Keiko’s cards so preventing him from eliminating her would have actually mattered, but since Odette and Frederico got Sonia’s cards it doesn’t really matter if they’re the ones to eliminate her or not.

Anyway, I hate being this nice to Miharu. I like getting all the bad ends out of the way and then ending on a high note


We are getting bad ends out of the way first though?


I predict that Miharu will nominate Sonia. Unlike Rinka, Miharu is serious about this game and I think she will make the tactical play rather than being swayed by sentiment. Also, her false name is a big advantage and she won’t want to risk that card going to somebody else. And from a story point of view I don’t think we’ll get yet another week where one of the baddies eliminates a side character with no other interactions. I think we might get a double nomination, either because Odette wants to avoid somebody else getting her ‘regret’ card, or because Federico hasn’t thought through the costs and benefits of a double nomination as carefully as Alan did.

Incidentally I don’t think Odette and Federico do have Sonia’s cards – when she revealed that she had Odette’s card they stopped asking.


How does she use an alias at school? How is it even possible? The explanation we are given is very lacking. I am not convinced at all.



I forget what her family circumstances backstory is, but I was assuming it was something simple like being adopted or whatever so her name for government/official purposes isn’t the name she personally considers her “real” name.


So far we are given only this much explanation about her family circumstances:


Abusive father, maybe?


Thanks for pulling up the quote. There’s probably scope for “the surname she’s using now isn’t the one she was born with or the one on her official family register records”, what with father’s surname, mother’s maiden surname, grandmother’s surname as possibilities. And the “Miharu is Miharu” line from Sonia also seems to imply that it’s only the surname that’s different, not her given name.


Yeah, ever since they mentioned Miharu’s family circumstances I assumed that Mishima is her mother’s maiden name, and her “official” name is her father’s. But we’ll see eventually


I’ve found this page.


Machine Translation

For instance, if a child, who currently uses the father’s last name listed in the father’s family registry, wishes to switch to the mother’s last name listed in the mother’s family registry due to divorce, they need to file an application and obtain permission from the Family Court.
However, if the parents are married, obtaining permission from the Family Court is not necessary.

In the event of a divorce, when the mother maintains custody of the child, different surnames cause many problems during official and daily transactions. Apparently, the Japanese have overcome these problems with a relatively simple procedure. Go, Japan!
So, Miharu’s official surname(after divorce) is her mother’s surname, she uses this surname at school, etc. but the selection considers the surname she was born with as her real surname.


I’m curious about that, too. I guess Rinka just isn’t sure and feels awkward asking her friend about it.

I agree. Especially since they know that Odette/Frederico’s likely going to nominate her this week anyway, it’s not like Miharu not nominating Sophia will save her.

Interesting. That’s not how I interpreted it. I’d read it as Sophia told Odette and Federico all of her cards and then were like “Ok, cool, now how about the other cards you have?” And that’s when Sophia revealed that she had Odette’s 未練 card. I can’t imagine the two of them would have just let Sophia go without finding out all her personal information.

That makes a lot of sense and is also a pretty simple explanation. Thanks for pulling that. :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s what I meant – they have Sophia’s own information but not any of the info in the other cards Sophia has (Odette’s or the other two).