Fat-fingered kana transcription

I often use my cellphone for reviews, and the keyboard image is small. I find that I often make trivial typos, such as transcribing する as しる. It would be nice if the app gave me a head-shaking warning for this instead of counting it as wrong. It would only be for cases where the given kana in the review word simply needs to be transcribed.

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There’s a userscript specifically for this purpose:

Of course that assumes that you can use userscripts on mobile…

I also use my phone to do most of my wanikani-ing and I use the Smouldering Durtle app with “undo” enabled to let me correct typo. I couldn’t live without that honestly, my accuracy and/or speed would drop significantly if I couldn’t fix typos.

Have you tried 12-key flick keyboard? I can’t remember exactly whether Smoldering Durtle makes hiding of the suggestions.


This. It’s best getting used to that if you want any sane typing speed in Japanese. I also used to fat finger a bunch of words, but with flick, it’s way easier.

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The script works but I’ve just tried it on my laptop so far. The security aspect of using Tamper Monkey worries me.

I tried the Smouldering Durtles app and I like the interface settings but I don"t see how to use the undo feature yet.

Finally I may try flick input… but it looks tricky.

My hands used to shake a lot, so I carried around a really tiny Bluetooth keyboad. It works well if you have a surface to put it on.

I have tried installing and using a Japanese keyboard on your phone?

The one I use is this one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adamrocker.android.input.simeji&hl=en&gl=US

There are others to choose from as well.