What happened here

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So I had Tsurukame open on my phone at the same time as the webpage, and I saw that there was one review in the queue in the app but not on the site. Weird, but maybe an updating issue. I opened the review, and it was 大いに which I then burned on the app. Because I didn’t feel comfortable with that, as I felt like I kinda guessed and then got lucky, I went back to the site to un-burn it.

And it doesn’t exist in the WK system. It’s not in the search or the vocab list for the kanji 大. A brief search of the forums yielded no answers.

I am so confused. Where did it go? Did I miss a notification of a content update? Did I fall into an alternate dimension? Did I burn it completely out of existence?


It was removed in the latest update.


Gotcha, thanks!


The fact that its removal announcement is already buried in search results goes to show that removing it was a good idea. Lots of the results are people trying to use it in their Japanese posts here, and since its frequency of use in reality isn’t anywhere near what the early position of it in the WK system implied, people seemed to be using it far too often for what you’d expect from beginners.


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