Extra study burned items by level?

Is there any way to do “extra study” for one level at a time or select burned items from a single level, without having to revise certain levels for example level 1 stuff?
If so, that would be great. It would be helpful to revise levels 10 and up since I haven’t really studied much since the JLPT in december.
In BunPro in fact I spend most of my time there doing Cram mode, and I can select the lession/s I want to cram each time. Was hoping there was a way to do something similar with WaniKani.

You can use the self-study quiz and the Item inspector for detailed self-studies. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I will look into it but is there any way to do it without needing 3rd party tools?
Due to the way it is set up (security reasons I imagine) the work computers do not allow browser modifications, can’t install anything. I often do my study during my breaks, my job has some days with a lot of downtime.

Not that I know of.

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