Second chance script for giving reading instead of meaning?

Is there a script that would give you a second chance shake when you enter the reading by mistake instead of the meaning. Pretty much 75% of my mistakes right now are because I go too fast when doing the reviews on my computer and end up giving a reading for a kanji when they ask for a meaning, especially if they ask for readings like five times in a row. For example just now I made the mistake of typing in sei for 世 instead of generation. The answer is short enough that my brain doesn’t catch up with my fingers in time. The reverse isn’t usually a problem because seeing hiragana pop up instantly clues me in that whoops they are asking for a reading.

There’s WK double check but you have to be disciplined enough not to use it when you legitimately got an answer wrong.

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I realize this is an age-old request but I frequently trip over the same mistake.
It has been irritating enough in order for me to attempt writing a script that will try to catch meaning and writing mixups.

It “seems” to work but no guarantees. :blush:


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