"Try again" for direct hiragana readings into a meaning question


I understand and agree why WK doesn’t allow retrying a question after you’ve answered wrong, but I’ve noticed it’ll forgive you if you enter English/Romanji into a “Reading” question. When I’m typing fast and misread the question, sometimes I’ll mistake “Reading” for “Meaning” or reverse (not just me??? Please???).

I know it would be difficult (I’m a CS major, I develop software and tech, it’s hard) to try and guess that someone accidentally input the letters for Hiragana instead of a meaning (how do you parse the characters into Hiragana? How many characters can be between? What if the combination of letters could be two or more Hiragana if we remove certain characters, but not both? Yuck.), but what if there’s an exact match?

For instance, I was trying to answer a “Meaning” card for 又 and input “mata”. The exact Kun reading is また, which I would type as “mata”. Particularly because it’s exact, WK should be able to tell I saw the Kanji / Vocab and just flashed the first thing I knew about it. That being said, I know nothing about the backend of WK, so maybe it is really difficult and that’s why it hasn’t happened / isn’t an item of interest at the moment (or there are better things to do?). Thoughts?


Are you just referring to how it rejects invalid input? It’s not checking that you put in the meaning by accident and asking you to go again, it’s just demanding valid kana.

If the meaning actually does give you valid kana by coincidence it’ll accept the input and mark it wrong, assuming it’s not a loanword like tsunami, where the meaning equals the reading.


They could definitely take the meaning input, convert it with wanakana and compare it to valid readings. If it matches a valid reading, let the user try again.

It sounds like the kind of thing one might make a user script for…


Ah, I see. You’re saying the suggestion isn’t just a mirror feature that affects the reading questions instead of meaning questions, because what happens with the reading questions is input sanitation.

I think that’s a good point, but I also feel the result is the same. One might might consider an attempt to enter Hiragana when English is expected as invalid input, particularly if one suspects (within reason) that the input was the wrong type.

Not to mention, I feel like a few levels in you know the Hiragana pretty well, and invalid input on a reading question is likely to be a mistake or misinterpretation.

The meaning questions do reject kana input, but it’s a little harder to try to input actual kana into the meaning field, since you need an IME installed on your computer.

I don’t know if I understand correctly what you mean, but I’ve recently implemented a “try again on reading/meaning confusions” feature into rfindley’s Double-Check userscript. However, I don’t know if it will be accepted. Also because it doesn’t really add much value to its functionality - the script already allows to undo answers that were counted as wrong.

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It will be… but it’s probably going to be a month before I have spare time. My schedule is insane at the moment. :sweat_smile:


I haven’t spent a lot of time pulling apart the user scripts. What tool set / language are they developed with?

You were right! Inputting the kana directly makes a big difference

It’s Javascript and I think people mostly use Tampermonkey to run them.

That’s just too bad. Javascript is a pain imo. Maybe it’s just because my education hasn’t taken me anywhere near the Internet, but anywhere in full stack development is lost on me.

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