Extensive listening challenge 👂 (2022)

I don’t think so. And I think it has to do with the main aim of WK: teaching reading ability.

It also seems like not all that many users on here are into Drama CDs that lend themselves well to a Book club format, they being stories after all. :thinking:

Let’s check the puls on people on here on this. :slight_smile:

Currently we are reading our way through Piraty-historical-drama-BL-series Flesh & Blood. Everyone is welcome to join us! ^^ The main thread can be found here: “Flesh&Blood” Pirate Series Reading Club :pirate_flag: :sailboat: - Japanese Language / Book Clubs - WaniKani Community

But, would people be interested in being part of a sister book drama CD-series club, following the story through the BLCD adaption?

Mind, you will have to buy these CDs and find ways to import them.

  • Yes, I’d be interested in listening to the Flesh & Blood drama CD-series
  • I’m interested in doing a Drama CD-listening club, but just not for this specific drama CD-series
  • I’m not interested in this sort of thing
  • I just like to click on polls so don’t mind me if I do! :3
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For a short review of sorts to the BLCD adaption see: Listening Practice 🎧 What do you listen to for Japanese practice? - #5 by ekg

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