Extensive listening challenge 👂 (2021)

Inspired by the extensive reading challenge, here is the extensive listening challenge!

This is a place to make goals related to listening comprehension. If we practice listening more now, we’ll be able to understand more later, right? You decide what the medium is (anime, dramas, podcasts, etc) and what your subtitle method is (native language, Japanese, none at all). If you’ve been keeping track already, you could make goals for all of 2021, or you could start now and have goals for the final six months.

Feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself and your goals, to discuss what you’re watching and listening to, and to describe any particular difficulties or triumphs when it comes to Japanese listening comprehension. Giving or requesting recommendations for material is also encouraged. There are also other threads about listening material on the forums, with a recent one being here.

Spoilers welcome so long as you tag them.

Super long discussions could go in one of these

like this.

Maybe more words here later or maybe this is enough that you get the gist.


Extensive listening, belated 2021 edition!

Copy the Sample Username section and edit in your information. You can have goals for each type of listening, a single type, or anywhere in between.

Read me
  • Your goals can be for what time period you’d like
    • Some ideas for that column: Yearly Goal, 6-Month Goal, Overall Goal
  • If you’d like:
    • move lines around to fit your priorities
    • delete lines if you aren’t using them
    • change counters (episodes, hours, etc) to reflect your goals
    • make text (like your username) into links
  • For your current recommendation, please only put a title
    • If you’d like to add a reason or review, post it in the thread and then link to it in the table
    • Change your recommendation as often as you’d like
  • Please keep the tables in the post alphabetical by username
  • Please don’t edit the sample table
  • Audiobooks could go here or in the extended reading challenge
Sample table with sample entries

Sample Username

Medium 6-month goal Subtitles Current focus Current progress Current recommendation Last updated
Dramas 1 / 5 series English ケイゾク 2: SPEC 5 / 10 (something you liked) Jul 1
Anime 4 / 50 episodes Japanese 海月姫 10 / 11 (perhaps with a link) Jul 1
Podcasts 3 / 10 episodes None ひいきびいき 12 / 280 (or link to review) Jul 1
Movies 0 / 5 movies Spanish ジブリ 千と千尋の神隠し Jul 1
Audiobooks 1 / 12 books With text 容疑者Xの献身 52% Jul 1
Variety shows 0 / 30 episodes Japanese 月曜から夜ふかし 0 / ? Jul 1
Drama CDs 10 / 18 CDs 三千世界の鴉を殺し 2 / 10 Jul 1
Anything 80 / 500 minutes None Random Youtube N/A Jul 1


Medium Yearly goal Title Current progress Links Last updated
Anime 136/136 episodes 美味しんぼ 66/136 美味しんぼ - Wikipedia 14 November
Drama CD 5/5 CDs BORDER 0/5 BORDER 境界線2巻限定版ミニドラマCD付 - BLCD Wiki* 1 July
Drama CD 2/2 CDs ダブル・バインド 2/2 ダブル・バインド 1 - BLCD Wiki* 2 August
Drama CD 3/3 CDs だってまおうさまは彼が嫌い 2/3 だってまおうさまは彼が嫌い - BLCD Wiki* 14 November
Drama CD 21/21 CDs FLESH&BLOOD 0/21 BLCD Wiki - FLESH & BLOOD 1 July
Drama CD 13/13 Specials FLESH&BLOOD 0/13 BLCD Wiki - FLESH & BLOOD 1 July
Drama CD 1/6 CDs 言ノ葉ノ花 0/1 言ノ葉ノ花 - BLCD Wiki* 1 July
Drama CD 7/7 CDs 囀る鳥は羽ばたかない 2/7 囀る鳥は羽ばたかない - BLCD Wiki* 23 November
Drama CD 3/3 CDs 最後のドアを閉めろ! 0/3 BLCD Wiki - 最後のドアを閉めろ! 1 July
Drama CD 18/18 CDs 三千世界の鴉を殺し 6/11 三千世界の鴉を殺し - BLCD Wiki* 15 November
Drama CD 17/17 Specials 三千世界の鴉を殺し 0/17 三千世界の鴉を殺し - BLCD Wiki* 1 July
Drama CD 7/7 CDs しなやかな熱情 0/7 しなやかな熱情 - BLCD Wiki* 1 July
Drama CD 3/3 specials しなやかな熱情 0/3 しなやかな熱情 - BLCD Wiki* 1 July
Radio special 2/2 K - Project 0/2 K (TV) - Anime News Network 1 July
Podcast 30/735 episodes 神谷浩史・小野大輔のDearGirl~Stories~ 0/735 Dear Girl: Stories - Wikipedia 1 July
Game 1 二の国 ongoing 2 August


Medium Until the end of summer Yearly goal Subtitles Current focus Current progress Pace Last updated
Vtubers 160/160 hours (reached) 400/400 hours none hololive 160/400 2 hours a day 28 August


Medium 6 months goal Subtitles Current focus Current progress Current recommendation Last updated
anime no goal None oishinbo 4 美味しんぼ July 3
Vtubers no goal None none 1 none July 3


Medium 6-month goal Subtitles Current focus Current progress Current recommendation Last updated
Tokusatsu 4 / 4 series None? ? 怪奇大作戦 Nov 28
Subtitled shows 2 / 2 series Japanese n/a Oct 15
Nonsubtitled Anything 1 / 1 ? None ? Nov 21
Movies 15/5 Varies ? 怪談 Nov 1
Podcasts 9.5/4 episodes None 新日本プロレス presents プロレス聴こうぜ! Jul 31
Wrestling shows with commentary 5/1 event None World Wonder Ring Stardom Nov 18


Medium 6-month goal Subtitles Current focus Current progress Current recommendation Last updated
Podcasts 6 / 75 episodes None Let’s talk in Japanese! Jul 18
Podcasts 3 / 75 episodes Japanese YUYUの日本語 YUYUの日本語 ^
Anime 3 / 20 episodes none ^
SatoriReader Audio (sort of-Audiobooks) 0 / 4 series None 奥日光 11/62 ^
Anything 30 / 1000 minutes None Random Youtube Videos ^


Medium Yearly goal Subtitles Current focus Current progress Current recommendation Last updated
Variety shows 336 / 365 episodes Varies VS魂 Nov 28
Dramas 20 / 20 series None :100: ハコヅメ Oct 11
Anime 11 / 10 episodes None :100: 海月姫 Sep 16
Audiobooks 12 / 12 books None :100: Nov 28

  • Feedback welcome at any time.

How to access things, recommendations, or something else here?

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I don’t remember if anyone else expressed interest, but I will at least tag: @Naphthalene, just in case.


:tada: I’m really happy to see you actually make this thread!

I was thinking I should make an effort to do more of exactly this kind of stuff, and I’m also curious to hear about where to find material, what people people are watching, etc. So thanks!
I’ll be sure to add to the wiki when it’s wikified! With more modest goals than the reading one…


Thank you! And yay, it will be good to have companions on the long listening comprehension journey. :woman_juggling: (<–figuratively juggling all the information my ears are trying to keep up with in Japanese) I’m looking forward to seeing what you add as goals!

And that would make this the place that I ask one of the @Mods to please make the second post into a wiki.


So, we should all add ourselves after your post in the wiki, right? Also, I think you really need a Drama CD category as that’s my main source of listening practice. It doesn’t seem like people are much listening to them here on WK, but it’s a huge source of listening media if you’re interested with new drama CDs released every month! :eyes:

I don’t think you have to worry about copy paste of the format, as that will be possible if you can access the wiki post.

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I’m interested in joining! Not quite sure what my goals are yet, but it would be nice to get recommendations and track what materials I consume.

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@ekg Ooh, drama CDs! I’m happy to add that. I assume the counter would be episodes? And what’s a sample title I could use? :grin:

@cineebon Awesome, welcome!

No it couldn’t be episodes. The counter would be “track”. Each CD works like normal CDs do and the tracks…they don’t really correspond to “chapter” in the source material, like a manga or light novel series. It’s made to make more sense from a listening perspective I guess, as the adaption might have to change stuff around in the story.

I’ll be right back with an example Drama CD! :wink:

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@valkow just noticed you’re counting whole books so maybe just count number of CDs? Though, I think for many, they might do a certain number of “tracks” per day, rather than a whole CD. :thinking:

Anyway, examples

Medium 6-month goal Subtitles Current focus Current progress Current recommendation Last updated
Drama CD 10/18 CDs - 三千世界の鴉を殺し 2/10 三千世界の鴉を殺し - BLCD Wiki* 1 July
Drama CD 21/21 CDs - FLESH&BLOOD 1/10 https://wikiwiki.jp/blcd/FLESH&BLOOD%201?word=flesh+%26+blood 1 July

I just realized drama CDs are a complicated business. They often make “specials” outside of the main series, and that means breaking up the numbering…

For example Flesh & Blood


Or Sanzen Sekai


I’m not sure how to handle this with the current formatting.^^; Is the goal for Sanzen Sekai 18 CD? What about the huge number of specials that were released later?
I guess, it IS possible to put any specials as a separate post…something like:

Drama CD | 10/18 CDs | - | 三千世界の鴉を殺し | 2/10 | 三千世界の鴉を殺し - BLCD Wiki* | 1 July |
Drama CD | 8/17 Specials | - | 三千世界の鴉を殺し | 3/17 | 三千世界の鴉を殺し - BLCD Wiki* | 1 July |

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Thank you so much for the information! I have added a line for drama CDs to the sample table. As for counters and numbering and goals and all that stuff, I think each person could decide that on their own. If they wanted to count a special as part of the number, they could, and if they wanted to use a different counter (like hours or tracks), they could. Whatever makes sense to the person making the goals. :grin:

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I guess. Though counting it as part of a series doesn’t make any sense. It’s not like Specials are OVA. For example Hunter x Hunter got continued through several separate OVA series after the initial anime ended.

In the cases of Flesh & Blood or Sanzen Sekai, they are really “Specials” much like you can have specials for anime. Meaning, they are stand alone pieces that don’t continue the story, but just exists in the same fictional world. The Gintama Specials aren’t considered part of Gintama the anime series, for example. They exist outside of it.

I just wanted to give a bit of explanation or context as it might not be obvious is you haven’t listened to long running Audio Dramas like these.

(shorter ones, generally speaking, don’t get specials, they can however have Freetalk CDs, which is the voice actors chatting away about the show after the recording sessions are over).

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That all makes sense. I definitely don’t know enough about drama CDs to contribute to figuring all that out, lol, so I’ll leave it to you to decide for yourself. I did have the thought that the listener could also just leave the counter part out and say something like 1 / 10, defining that however they’d like. Or they could just switch back to something definable like minutes or hours. :grin:

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Great idea, thanks for setting this up!

Actually, I must confess that the only listening I’m currently doing is when I talk to Japanese language partners and friends… Should this go in the “Anything” category? Or is this not proper “listening” at all since real persons will usually adapt to my needs and so it’s not an objective medium?


That might be the most effective listening practice of all! :grin: In terms of extensive listening, my first instinct is that talking with people would be (as a skill) conversation, which of course includes (the skill) listening. However, I don’t feel super strongly about it and am willing to cede to your feelings about your own listening goals.


I really want to work on my listening but I don’t really know where to start so I’ll be following this thread for some inspiration for now :smiley: In about a month my life should become less busy so I’ll probably wait until then to set some actual goals, I’m already glad this thread exists though!


You should start with the Saezuru Tori Drama CDs! :wink: Track 1-2, CD1, is chapter 1 :“Don’t stay Gold”


At this point we could probably start taking bets on how much time is left until I finally buy those CDs… :joy:


I believe people in the language learning community (including me) plan too much. You could’ve gotten so much input by not planning it out so extensively.