Example sentence troubles, auxiliary resources?

Are there resources for additional example sentences for the vocabulary WaniKani teaches?

Whether they use far more advanced kanji and vocabulary than has been taught, make odd choices in favor of jokes, or use hiragana to indicate vocabulary where the kanji has already been taught, I often get distracted from the actual thing I’m trying to learn in the moment.

Context is super important, but I find myself sometimes just leaving behind the example because it’s so chock-full of new material to learn that it isn’t really about cementing the new vocabulary at all. I’d love to access some more resources that I can use to augment my study time. Any chance there’s something like this out there?

Thank you!


Not specifically for words taught by WaniKani, but both Jisho.org and https://ejje.weblio.jp/ offer a load of context sentences for each word and most of them are real context sentences covering situations you would encounter in daily life.

For instance, for 学期 (school term, semester):

I sometimes use them for mining grammar points or phrases as well :slight_smile: .


There’s also tatoeba.org

But keep in mind, most if not all English-language resources do not necessarily consist of sentences written by natives, and as such can contain unnatural or even incorrect Japanese. Monolingual resources are much more reliable in that respect.


Just start reading native material, if you can. The material you enjoy like manga or novel would work the same way as mnemonic and they add context to the vocab you learn as well.


Just to add a bit to it: Jisho uses the sentences from the Tatoeba corpus. See @yamitenshi ‘s warning…
To be fair, some part of the sentences was written by natives (you can see that on the tatoeba website), but even then, they mostly wrote them as a class assignment iirc, so they might be mildly artificial anyways.
My suggestion for example sentences is also to use native material, but it might be more difficult with manga because it’s mainly direct speech? I basically only use books for sentence mining (when I want an example sentence, I just copy it together with the vocab word while reading).


As an alternative, if you’re looking for native-written sentences but not looking to use manga and and such, Goo includes example sentences in their dictionary.