Questions about Resources

So Wanikani is working great with me right now, but there is one con that I am trying to cover in order to not have holes in my foundations.

Does anyone know good resources to learn how to use the vocab in context, since Wanikani does not supplement that area very well in a way that I would be confident in what to use.

Thank you very much!

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Grammar study? Or speaking practice? You can find many resources to that regard. Also, reading a bunch, like NHK Easy news, since a lot of words on here are written/formal language only.


Well, this thread has a list with tons of resources, I hope you can find something that suits you.

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What is your grammar level like?
If you understand most N5 grammar you can probably make the transition into reading/watching easier native content. Seeing/hearing a word in context in a show/manga/conversation is probably the best way to make it stick


For example sentences with English translations, I recommend

In a few months there will be a new Japanese dictionary app releasing called kanjiverse, which is looki g really good from the previews.

Thank you!

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Thank you for your advice!

I’ll look into NHK Easy news, thanks for the recommendation!

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