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For reading at all, like manga with furigana (and even before that graded readers), I started super early, but I looked back at my study log to estimate and I was doing Satori Reader by the early 10s on WK. I was probably transitioning out to Ace Attorney in the early 20s more or less.

But my experience might not be super useful as a reference – I did a pretty intense Genki speedrun to get the fundamentals along with starting Wanikani so I could rush to learning through reading. And thus far I always read things digitally with instant lookup tools. At that level there were still loads of unfamiliar kanji. There still are some, but it’s started feeling much more occasional.


Adding to what @Daisoujou wrote, your WaniKani level has zero bearing on when you can start reading.

Some people will recommend waiting into you reach a certain level before you start learning grammar because then you’ll recognize a lot of kanji and vocabulary used in early grammar materials.

On my end, I started using WaniKani after I read my first manga in Japanese, but I also already knew a decent amount of vocabulary words (except for the kanji).

The two main things needed to get into reading are (1) very basic grammar knowledge and (2) the stamina to decipher your way through the book, comic, video game, or whatever you choose to try reading through first.

I haven’t used Satori Reader, but from what I hear it sounds like it probably does a good job at easing these two.


Greetings and Salutations,

It’s been awhile everyone (by that I mean 10 days)

but I have gone up a level!

Greetings and Salutations,

it’s been awhile everyone (by that I mean 10 days)

first of all, the good news. I leveled up!

The bad news is, I kinda fucked up my srs schedule. I have been doing my night reviews at 11 pm now instead of 10 pm. So all my reviews shows up at 11 instead of 10.

I have also been ultra slacking on my genki 1 workbooks now, I kinda have to force myself this week to get through them. Partly is because I already learned the grammar point of the things discussed then and another part is because I just feel textbook is abit too boring.

Anki has been doing good, I have managed to learn 7 new cards every day. Even though it is also a slog.

On my reading, well I am kinda failing myself there. Haven’t tried Satori Reader yet or have done any kind of reading last week. So I am a abit disappointed at myself there.

Bunpro is also doing well, I have finished the jlpt n5 grammar points in its entirety (though I havent fully grasped all of it). On a minor rant about grammar points the way to say I have to do X in japanese is so convoluted, I am sure there are more practical way to say it なくてはいけない

Yall have a good week now.


Greetings and Salutations.

I am now Level 11 (To be honest that was faster than expected) 8 days isn’t bad at all. I am officially in the painful part of the levels.

Now, I have abit of a conundrum at the moment. Unlike previous levels my current apprentice items is actually quite high.

I usually keep my apprentice max at around 100~120 range. So right now I have 82 apprentice and 120 items. Sigh

Well I guess for now my plan is to just start learning the radicals and the kanji that appear.

Now for an update on other stuff in my Japanese language journey.

  1. Bunpro is going good, I am taking a steady pace and have finished all N5 vocab points! Of course I havent “guru’d” them all.

  2. Genki isn’t going so great, mostly because I feel I already know most of the grammar points that they are going to teach. My plan is probably just to speedrun it all (it’s only 2 chapters left anyway)

  3. Anki has been going steadily, I do 7 new cards every day from core 2k. Though I will occasionally miss a day in a week. I should be more strict about this to be honest.

  4. My reading plan has been eugh. I thought I would start satori reader but I haven’t until now. I read some chapters but haven’t developed a habit enough to do it daily.

I am also thinking of doing some Japanese tutor online session using Jptalk. I feel it would help me immensely and I feel confident in doing some (very) beginner level talking in Japanese.

Anyway that’s it for this week (or level).


This is just a small rant, now that I am halfway through the levels.

It feels like there are always a barrage of vocabulary lessons, it just goes on and on and on. I know this is supposed to happen but goddamn.

So I was at 121 lessons and 82 apprentice when I started. I thought okay. let’s take the L and do 70 lessons.

So it was 150 apprentice and 50 ish review. While I was whittling down the apprentice more lessons come up and I kept doing lessons. Halfway through the level (now) I just guru’d the first set

and I went from having 10 lessons to


I know this is supposed to happen and I am a fool for complaining cause that’s what the system is. Just got abit frustrated I guess like climbing a very steep mountain without rest

But what can you do, just gotta keep on pushing.


Level 12 baby wooo!

Level 11 was… pretty easy not gonna lie but I have to admit the constant 150+ reviews everyday has been taking its toll on me. The morning review is okay but the night reviews at 10 pm is brutal. I am usually just so tired by then.

Japanese study points

  1. I finished Genki I woo! I am torn between going for Genki II or just do my own thing. I feel textbooks are helpful but the amount of willpower I have to summon to do it is just hard. I probably will though.

  2. Reading plan has been okay actually. Been reading every 2 days, not alot mind you, but there is always some form of reading one way or another.

  3. I am planning to try a Japanese Online tutor soon. If any of yall have recommendations for a site please let me know! Right now I am interested in trying Japatalk

I am going on holiday soon for a couple of days, but I will still be doing wanikani just because. Maybe not the night reviews but definitely the morning reviews. I do feel my japanese is getting better every sentence I read, I always recognize characters and can find more or less what it means. Though I can’t always pinpoint an exact accuracy on what it means. These months are gonna be tough so I have to grind it out, but I know I can do it!


Greetings and Salutations,

I am level 12, wait 13!

Level 12 was, well it was a grind mostly because half of the level I was on holiday. It took longer than usual (11 days), but I did clear up alot of lessons in the process.

I have been quite frustrated at myself these last few days, I feel like I can be doing so much more in my Japanese study if I just focus on myself and just do it you know.

It’s not like I haven’t been doing other stuff. I have been keeping up with Bunpro and Anki but I know I can do so much more and it just feels frustrating. I am kinda scared if I DO pick up more things I will just half assed it.

For now the main goal is I am gonna try to get an online tutor with a Japanese Native so that I can start speaking some real Japanese. As for reading… sigh I haven’t been reading a whole lot, that’s probably where the source of my frustration lies.

Anyway this whole post has just been one big rant about myself. I will stop here. I’ll see you lots soon.


Greetings and Salutations,

I have leveled up. Taking a peek at level 14 this seems to be a pretty fast level? With little radicals. Could be wrong though. Level 13 has been fun, I enjoy the string of words that has been coming and I definitely have been seeing Kanjis outside of wanikani that I recognize.

For example, I bought a cake from a pretty popular Japanese cake place and I realize they used the word

自然 (shizen) : Nature.

I saw this word before I got it in wanikani and I recognize both Kanji. Admittedly the strange 発音 of the Kanji threw me off changing from じ to し (Why Japanese).

On to some other stuff. I finally tried to get a Japanese Native to speak to me using Japatalk and it went well. I got the patented 日本語上手 though I don’t know if it’s real or not, but I think it went well, we used Japanese the whole lesson and I can understand them.

Reading is… well It’s okay I guess I do feel I am slightly faster in reading now and I can feel it but if I see a whole paragraph of Japanese words it really takes willpower to read it… I wonder if it is the same for everyone?

I also started Genki II, as much as I hate textbooks, I can’t ignore the fact that having a structured grammar lessons is really beneficial. If it is only for reading.

Anyway that’s about it, still doing Bunpro and still doing Anki. I am planning to do the next update using fully Japanese no matter how basic it is, so let us see how that goes.

If you are reading this and still following this topic, I would just like to appreciate you even if you don’t comment or anything, yall are great. Lets keep grinding.



Greetings and Salutations,

it’s been awhile huh. Sorry I haven’t been updating I have been real busy, but fear not I have still been doing wanikani and some Japanese study (fortunately)

in fact!

I am almost level 16!

Granted I am slower than I usually am, mostly because I havent been doing as much lesson. Probably doing 10/12 a day in average instead of my usual 20. The last level and this level has been brutal, not because of the level itself but mostly because how much workload that can suddenly come from lower level stuff. I have been able to keep around 90~95% accuracy but there are days where it drops to 80 or even 70 if it’s a really bad day. Am I the only one who gets really annoyed when I am doing bad in Wanikani?

For other stuff. I have been doing bunpro as well, it’s been going great and I now have a biweekly japanese online tutor (well it’s mostly just for me to practice talking Japanese), Anki has also been doing daily, I have around 80 reviews per day + 150 from wanikani + 50ish from bunpro. So alot of my studying has been SRS

Genki II isn’t going great. I really am not motivated to do textbook stuff just because I don’t really enjoy them. I keep telling myself that I will do it but I never do. sigh I guess I will force myself to do it soon.

Reading has been going okay. I have been reading NHK news easy everyday. I read around 2 article per day which isn’t alot but it is something.

I know, I know the last post I said I want to do this update using Japanese only but… It has really been a long time and I just want to post something.

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