KagariS's Study Log!

Hey Everyone! Kagari here~

I started using Wanikani in 2020 - but between a University course and various personal problems, I ended up taking one too many “short” breaks…

So let’s fix this! Over the next 52 weeks, I aim to reach Level 50, and to attain JLPT N3!

I’ll be posting in this log weekly as a way to motivate myself. Things like Level achievements, Shows I watched, grammar I learned etc.,

Please, lend me your support! Now that I’ve posted this, I have no excuses!



Week 0
*Edited Formatting slightly

(It’s probably terrible, but I’ll try my best to write the majority of these posts in Japanese)


  • 光のお父さん
  • にげるっは恥だが役に立つ!
  • Terrace Houseを始めた



JLPT N4のレベル人にこんな番組が丸ごとたのしみにくいけど、興味があったらって話を大体わかればいいかも。例えば、FF14の選手として「光のお父さん」を見るとずいぶん気に入りました。マイディさんとインディさんの関係が咲いて、同時に光生がお父さんに仲良くなってうれしいでした。



With that being said, I plan to read a whole lot more over this next week - There’s a book of short stories which I’d quite like to finish soon. Let’s see how long I manage to keep this up for :smiley:



Your Japanese is pretty good already. :hushed:

Do you mind/want corrections?

ほかの番組 other shows
すすめがあったら if you have recommendations

The second part is not a verb, so it doesn’t use を. :slight_smile:
How would you connect them?

おしえてくれ please tell me
おしえてください please tell me
おしえてくれてありがとう thank you for telling me
おしえてくれてください :exploding_head:


Thanks so much for the reply!
I appreciate any and all corrections :pray:

I’m still learning how to use these forums, (and I wrote that post in the early hours of the morning :p) so my formatting isn’t too great at the moment >>

I’m glad to see that some of my bad habits are showing on here too ~

Ah, In this case, wouldn’t の be used? e.g. 「ほかの番組の勧めがあったら、…」, as the recommendations ‘belong’ to the shows?

~てくれる is the bane of my existence in regards to Grammar - so :exploding_head: pretty accurately sums up what was going on in my head there :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve recently signed on to Bunpro to try to fix that, as my language knowledge is heavily fragmented. I’ll be on the lookout for similar mistakes in the future!

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Also, based on how you wrote it before your edit, are you writing はず for 恥ずかしい and then choosing the kanji?

The stand-alone reading for the vocab is はじ. :wink:

Also, I do that all the time. :sweat_smile:

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Yep, you caught me red handed :sweat_smile: It’s just yet another (debatably) bad habit :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much for all your help so far! It really makes me think I can do this :smiley:

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[Edit: Some grammar]
Hey everyone! 2週目のカガリです!

This week was full of good news! mainly from exam results…
:fireworks: I Passed my JLPT N4! And got a GCSE Japanese (a UK exam) higher tier Grade 8 (A*)! :fireworks:

my 日本語 is officially 上手

Aside from that, I also FINALLY managed to level up to Lv10 - after almost a year’s hiatus on Lv9. It’s so nice to be learning new vocab again :smiley:


主に2冊から話を読んだ。1つ目は "Intermediate Short Stories in Japanese - Olly Richards (ISBN 978-1-529-37716-3) だって、2つ目は "Parallel Text: Short Stories in Japanese - Michael Emmerich (ISBN 978-0-14-311833-6) だった。

その本を比べて、短編小説の長さは同じくらいけど、優しい日本語を使わないし複雑なトピックについてだし"Parallel Text"から話は"Intermediate Short Stories" よりほとんど読み難しかったんだ。今週間の読んだ話は「夜中の汽笛ぐらい」、「小さな闇」、「クレイジー寿司屋」、「とても不思議なハイキング」と「侍」と呼びました。




Well done!!!
I’m so impressed by your long posts, pretty sure you’ll progress in no time with that level of dedication :blush:

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Thank you! I’m trying to take the phrase 「一生懸命」to heart this time :smiley:

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Week 3! Err, 4!



まず、先から優しい日本語で書いた本を読み終わりました。話を読むことがたいてい簡単だったから楽しかったです。それでアニメほどよくないとおもったけど、netflixで新しい公開のOne Piece番組を見始めた。CGの使い方がくっきりとビックリさせた!



oh, and I’m about to hit Level 11! At this rate, I’ll finish this little challenge in time :smiley:

Thanks for following along! I definitely won’t forget to post next week.
(This post is a bit shorter than usual, because it’s 2am and thinking isn’t currently my strong suit :p)

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