Error 429 during review

Every time I do a review every 5-10 items I keep getting an “Error 429” issue that absolutely kills my stride. From what I hear it’s primarily attached to things using your API Keys, but I only have Kamesame on API2 and Kaniwani & WK Statistics on API1.

Error during review on what? On the WaniKani website or one of the apps like Kamesame?

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On WaniKani. I have a hand full of quality-of-life scripts that I use and I’m going to try and disable a few of the more lavish ones, like Definitions (Can’t read it yet anyways) and Jitai (Changes fonts randomly for challenge).

This error means you are generating too many requests to the API in a short time. 429 is the server’s way to tell you to slow down. The goal is to prevent a small number of people from overloading the servers.

In normal use, you shouldn’t have problems with this, but if you have multiple apps running in parallel, or you have a lot of userscripts running, it might become too much.

You’ll have to either slow down or stop some of those apps/scripts running while you are doing reviews.


Several of those scripts almost certainly use APIv2, so one (or more) of them is probably making too many requests. Disabling some and seeing what happens seems like a good plan.

Well I’ve disabled some and (I think) restricted others to just not run while reviewing. Guess I’ll find out in about an hour if it worked. If not, I’ll have to keep trying to narrow the list down to only the most important ones.

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