Entry Level Manga


I was wondering if people could recommend some entry-level manga that I could start reading to try and improve my grammar/understand of japanese text?

I have looked online and seen that the Pokemon manga is perhaps a good entry-level one, any other recommendations?


Try this


You can check out the Absolute Beginner Book Club. It lists past book clubs, and there is one happening right now and not so far from now as well. It has the advantage, that you get a vocab sheet as well, which can help with reading a ton.

Also check out Natively, it ranks books based on difficulty.


I’ve tried Doraemon, Teasing Master Takagi-san, and Pokemon special and so far I’ve stuck with Pokemon the most.

How much that is because Pokemon is easier vs it being a more interesting subject matter is up for debate. But I’ve definitely done less looking up in the first chapter of Pokemon than the other two!


As a follow-up, and I hope this isn’t against the rules here, but could anyone point me in the direction of a good free manga-reader site/app where I would be able to read these manga in Japanese? I have found a few sites that allow you to read them in English but there doesn’t seem to be any option to view the original japanese version.


It is against the rules. You can try looking on bookwalker. It’s a normal bookstore, but it has a bunch of free manga, and from time to time even gives them out for free, either for a few days, or to keep


Perhaps get started from here, at Immersion >> Reading.

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Check out learnnatively and jpdb.
I’m making my own list but it’s pretty sparse so far

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