Enhanced results screen?

I looked through shotgunlagoons list and didn’t find anything, although that doesn’t mean a thing of course since I could’ve just missed it.

What I’d like to use is a userscript or the like which shows an enhanced results page after my reviews. Basically: allocate each “wrong item” more space (than just a small kanji icon), show the wrong answer I had put in at first and maybe open the notes dialog for those items or so. Possibly it could also pull the edict info etc in there?

Does something like that exist?

if there is something like that out there, i don’t remember adding it to the list. i don’t think it’s been done.

Well, that’s a shame. Anyone up for making that? :slight_smile:

It’s an interesting idea, but not one I’d be prepared to work on anytime soon. Maybe sometime down the line I could have a crack at it.

In a few more weeks, I’ll have more free time.  This would be a relatively easy client to attach to my data framework.
And the idea sounds pretty useful.

It would be awesome if it’d work out sometime down the line. Anyway, thanks for the quick responses!