Email to let you know you can work again

just started, am determined, so want to get back to studying when it is possible. Right now waiting for 2 hours. Is there a way to have WaniKani automatically email me when it is ready for me to review or study again.

e.g. a messages that says: “Hello, you can review now” or “Time to move onto the next section, when you are ready”

thanks … your system was something I was trying to develop on my own … it is great and I hope you have the Intermediate level out before I need it …

all the best


Dr. Steve G. Lofts (Chair of Philosophy)


In Settings > App, there is an option for this as the last option. You can opt in daily, twice weekly, or once weekly. If you have an iOS device, you could use Tsurukame, which can give you notifications (not by email) whenever your reviews and/or lessons are ready in real time. (I don’t know what’s available for Android, unfortunately. Someone else most definitely does, though, so here’s to hoping someone who knows about it will come help if need be!)


What Intermediate level are you referring to here?


I think he’s talking about levels 4+ being released for free users. Which isn’t going to happen.


Or possibly EtoEto…


hi sorry … I thought that tofugu and this site were one … so intermediate was from tofugu

thanks though


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that works … and the ipad app


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Well, they’re run by the same guys, but they’re not so completely interlinked that we’d make the connection without prompting. :slightly_smiling_face:

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