Getting an email when review is ready?

Is there any way to get an email reminder when there is a review assignment ready? Thanks in advance!

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I dont think so. It be very spammy… It probably be blocked. You can get notifications to webbrowser i think and apps on phone also do.

AT higher levels, you can get reviews like every hour.

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Hmm as far as I know that’s not currently a thing, but if you have iOS you can get the Mobile WK Allicrab app and get notifications when reviews are ready, or if you’re using Chrome there’s also the WaniKani Companion app that allows for both desktop and badge notifications in the browser


I get a weekly e-mail to remind me that WaniKani still exists, and it always seems to arrive when I’m literally in the middle of a review session. It’s like “hey, you’ve got fifty reviews to do”, and I’m like, “Yeah, I know. There were a hundred and fifty, but I’ve already done the first hundred.”

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Give it a handful levels and you’ll quickly reach a point where reviews are ready, constantly. You’d end up getting the email non-stop.

i’m doing reviews twice a day. before and after work. that’s when reviews come in, because they’re built around a 12h system, so you can just mold it so they’ll always be ready at the same time.

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