EbiReader+ebookJapan+a poll

So…this has been a good source for Japanese books, and I have been using it for a while, but every time I want to look up a word I have to switch to google and do a search. Is there any type of in-app dictionary for ebiReader to save me the headache of constantly taking a break from my books to look things up? Or do other people have other tricks to make it less annoying? Also, is there any trick to reading ebook manga as far as zooming/image size go? I got one because I figured it would be at a slightly easier level than the books that I am working on, but, to see the kanji well enough, I have to zoom in to the point where only a part of the page is showing and that is really irritating. Anyway, don’t take this as a knock against ebookJapan. I like it, but I am hoping there is a more pleasant way to get around these issues than what I am currently doing.

And a poll for fun

  • I use ebiReader and ebookJapan
  • I don’t use either
  • I like fish
  • Fish like me
  • Seven is > than or equal to 8
  • I did use them, but I quit
  • I used to use them, but I still do too.
  • They are too annoying
  • I love them and am a complete master of their ways
  • Spinach is ok
  • I hate spinach
  • Correlation is causation
  • Science is spelled differently than it is spelled in this sentence.

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Monitoring this because I have the same doubt. I guess it’s their way to prevent piracy but damn it’s annoying.

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