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Hello guys! I want to buy the absoulet beginners book club mangas on ebookjapan and I want to read them in ebireader. I downloaded it, but it is totally in japanese and i am not so good to understand it. Can I turn it into english, where can i find it in the app? Thank you for your help!

The second menu item on the bottom says 本棚. That’s your bookshelf.

(That’s how it looks on the iPhone app at least.)

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I don’t think there is an option to change it to English, you’ll have to get used to where to click until you can read everything. It’s pretty straightforward, though.

If you buy your manga and can’t figure out how to read it or configure stuff, you can always ask for help here too.

Seems like a good opportunity to learn some vocab :stuck_out_tongue:


Mobile or desktop? The US Googleplay store has the ebi reader app in English. It looks like this:

The desktop one is Japanese only I think but it’s formatted pretty much the same way.

(also if anyone know if there’s a way to sync progress across varying instances of the reader I’d love to hear it. Having to manually navigate to where I left off on a different device is a pain.)

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You can also open it in Chrome and select Translate

Thx, this helped a lot. On android it works! Unfortunately on my ipad it doesnt :frowning:

You can only download the book to 2 devices. I had to manage it from the app but finally it worked on the iPad

thx for the help :slight_smile:

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