Advice on reading physical books with the aid of translation

Hi all,

I recently bought my first physical Japanese manga volumes to begin reading practice. My plan is to read and infer dialogue content, then translate it and identify misunderstandings. For that, I’m currently relying on Google Translate scanning feature, and then searching on Jisho. This is a bit tedious, ideally I’d like to both scan and get a list of translations in a single step.

For any of you guys in a similar situation, what method do you rely on?
Also, what’d be your ideal method? I’m having some ideas, but want to make sure this would benefit others beforehand.

Thank you!

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I use handwritten input on a smartphone to lookup the kanji I don’t know. That helps me to pay attention to the radicals and to improve handwriting.

But it’s super tedious when there are a lot of unfamiliar kanji.

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This is quite nice thanks for sharing Tim!
I wonder how they manage distribution permissions.

I saw a couple of suggestions in the Kiki thread recently – people suggested radical lookup, the SKIP lookup system, handwriting on a smartphone keyboard into a dictionary or translator…

I look it up using the radicals on Jisho. This works about 99% of the time. The only time it fails is for alternate versions of Kanji or handwritten shortcuts like the one in this topic.

If you use iPhone, use yomiwa. It and shows translation and it’s fast too.

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Or buy digital e book version which allows you to copy kanjis way faster.

Never been big into manga but this is so dope I’m about to start. Thanks for sharing!

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