Quick Jisho Search AHK Script

I recently made a very simple AutoHotKey script that, when pressing a hotkey (I have it on Alt + J) will copy the text, open a new tab, and search Jisho for it. Honestly this only saves a few seconds over just opening Jisho yourself, but I personally like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

WinActivate, ahk_exe chrome.exe
Send ^c ; Copy highlighted text
Send ^t ; Open new tab
Send ^l ; Shortcut for focusing on the address bar
Sleep 50 ; Give just a bit of time for Chrome to respond
SendInput jisho.org/search/%clipboard%{Enter} ; Navigates to Jisho.org

Note: Only works in chrome, requires AHK
Hopefully someone will find this useful!


Isnt that basically the same as Search Jisho? :thinking:


I was just wondering if something like this existed… Thank you!

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Oof, guess it is. I couldn’t find anything like that before so thank you for letting me know!

I suppose the AHK script will work not only from the browser, but also in other applications like text editors.

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There’s also this, for Chrome


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I raise you a simpler version which uses your default browser and it doesn’t rely on the browser being open already.

Run, %comspec% /c start https://jisho.org/search/%clipboard%