Dragon Quest I - Help

As Dragon Quest XI is releasing soon, I thought of playing all the past games. Now, simply playing them is fun but this can be made more productive by playing in Japanese. Thus I started playing in Japanese. Naturally, there are parts I don’t understand, could use some help :sweat_smile:


What I infer:
However, (something something) the dragon king disguised as a demon appeared and sealed that ball in darkness.
いずこともなく - Don’t know what this means.


Now, みやおう isn’t a word. So maybe it’s みや and おう which would be shrine king or palace king?
キムこう - Don’t know what this means.

I think his name is Miya and hes a king, and hes looking for Kim 侯, or Lord Kim.

I think いず is probably something like “appear”. So I think its more like “without even showing himself, the dragon king, demon incarnate, sealed the ball in darkness.”

I’ll just add, it appears it should be written like 出ず, which is an old form of 出る.
It doesn’t have to mean literally “go out” though…

I’m taking this meaning.

This certainly makes more sense, thanks! :grinning:

I think いず is 出ず only, coz this came somewhere else also in the game and this game was released in 1986.

It’s いずこ + ともなく not いず + こともなく

いずこ is where, same as どこ

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Yes, after discussing this with a Japanese friend, this seems to be the answer.

He’s not saying the dragon disguised himself as a demon, he’s saying the dragon king is the incarnation of evil.

With the amendments in mind,
Its more like "the dragon king, demon incarnate, sealed the ball in the darkness (that doesn’t have a place).

basically broken down like this.

I would like to point out I’m quite embarrassed that I got いず こと and いずこ と so dramatically wrong, but this is an excellent argument for 漢字 in general.

Ah, right, don’t why I assumed that.

I wish kanji was used, won’t be confusing, but then they would be incomprehensible on famicom’s.

How common is it to have japanese text without Kanji?

Games its pretty common as DPI isn’t often enough to render kanji - newer systems not withstanding, stuff like GBA don’t often have kanji.
Other media, anything intended for children older than about 10 or so will have at least some kanji and furigana.

Its pretty rare to not see at least some kanji really.

This game did have 力, so that’s one kanji xD

Thats basically just ka.


こうげき力 - Kanji is used.

Yeah, but it’s only used because it’s the same shape as a kana.

I wasn’t doubting you, my point is just that its basically just ka, so is pretty economical.
The katakana character set was probably installed on there already anyway.
I imagine another reason kanji would have been left out is because the amount of space required is an order of magnitude more than with the kana scripts and roman script combined.

That screenshot only has about five unique none text elements on it, a couple of kanji would take more storage to encode than that entire screenshot.

Sorry, my bad, I misunderstood you. Yes, I think it was the only one they could use cause it’s already included in the katakana set.