Dr Stone Book Club?

I’m planning on reading the Dr.Stone manga, would you guys be interested in having an official book club?

Dr Stone book club!
  • No
  • Yeah why not
  • 10 billion percent Yes
  • I’m only here because of my poll addiction

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Can you post example pictures to see the level of difficulty?

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I prefer reading things on my own, but I’d be up to check the threads once in a while.


I will do (though i didn’t start reading it yet)

obviously spoilers ch.1

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There is a good amount of science vocab, but thankfully all the kanji have furigana. Aside from that, it’s regular shonen shenanigans.

To give you more of an idea, I’m around N3 and I need to look up several words per page. I have read the first volume of one piece, and watched shirokuma and half of naruto with japanese subs on animelon.

Here are the first few pages in order:

All pictures are taken from:

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