Doubt about typing answers

Guys, on review, how can I type more than one reading to the kanji?
I tried with commas, but it doesn’t work, and I am afraid of trying something else and get a kanji downgrade…

As far as I know, you’re just supposed to input a single reading.


Even if WK teaches you two readings for one kanji, you should just write one of them. Most of the time is the one you feel more comfortable with, or try typing the different readings taught but not at the same time, maybe try the other reading(s) in a different review session. :grimacing:


Yes, you only type one. I’d recommend typing the first one, since that’s usually the most common reading, however the other readings are usually used in vocab anyway.

Eventually you’ll get used to recognising patterns in multiple readings for kanji, so you shouldn’t stress too much. It becomes mostly intuitive after a while.


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