Typing Kanji letters w/ English keyboard

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Is there a key for the the English letters to type for Kanji?



not sure what you’re asking, and i’m not sure what there is left to continue from that thread… but if you are trying to type kanji using an english keyboard, most IMEs require that you type in the japanese word using romaji (e.g. otona) and it’ll let you choose possible kanji’s that use those characters (in this case 大人)

tofugu has a good guide:

if that’s not what you were asking, sorry! i took a guess =)


There’s a kana chart button on the review interface.

(presumed you meant on WK since that’s what the topic you linked was about)


You have to buy a kanji keyboard, its like huge and has all the radicals on it and you have type the radicals to make the kanji.

Im just kidding that would be horrible really. For microsoft IME you just type out the kana/romaji and a list will pop up showing possible kanjis and you just pick the right one by pressing tab to go though.

On iphone I know it just shows on the top of the keyboard where the auto fill is for English.
Hope that make sense, you just have to try it out yourself and get used to it.

Rereading your question idk what you asking. The other topic you linked to was asking about being tested on multiple readings but wanikani doesn’t do that.


I’m sorry, but you probably have to buy a Chinese keyboard.


Yes, that is exactly what I was looking for! Arigato gozaimus! Now that is where the problem comes in…how to turn that into the hiragana, katakana, or Kanji script. I’m learning a lot on Wanikani but the typing/keyboard becomes a bit frustrating when you know the answer but are unsure how to type it.

Is this an actual product? :fearful:


Arigato gozaimus!

Thank you, this helped.

@rmizuno 's answer only includes instructions for Windows and OS X so here’s some information on how to install the Mozc Japanese IME on Ubuntu 16.04. Hopefully installation on other Linux distros is similar.

I believe the default Japanese IME in Fedora has been ibus-kkc for years. Installation should be pretty similar though.

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