Multiple responses in kanji readings

Noob here. When reviewing kanji readings, it is possible to write down all of the readings as an answer? I know that one suffices, but I think I will gradually only remember the one I always input and not the other if I am not forced to do so.

i don’t think so.
You don’t need to do that.
You will need other readings in combinations with other kanji…

No you can’t and don’t worry about it. When you learn the vocab you will reinforce all the readings. 生 has tons of them for example so answering with all of them in the kanji review is not the best idea :wink:


I’ll often write and erase a secondary meaning while I review, just to remind myself that I remember. Or, for a kanji with 3+ meanings like 額, I’ll try to rotate which answer I provide.

I know it’s not as helpful as being forced to provide them all, but it’s an option.

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明 is another one too

Parsing something like this would be a nightmare to code, and you wouldn’t want it with items like 日 or 生 anyways. The random use of on and kun readings bugged me at first, but now I see the vocab and the kanji as being a sort of feedback loop of learning where each reinforces the other and it’s been working so far. You’ll get used to it, especially if you’re learning using other materials (grammar/books/manga).

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