Remembering more than one Onyomi reading of the Kanji?

Has anyone ever had the problem where you remember one On’yomi reading of a kanji but not the other? I’ve experienced this with some kanjis that have multiple On’yomi readings. I am able to remember both On’yomi readings for some of them because of the mnemonics I use to remember them or the vocabulary words help me remember them, but in some cases, I forget the other reading completely. I don’t even remember if the kanji even has a second reading. This has usually happened with kanjis where the other reading was never used in a vocabulary word. So I just forget about it eventually.

Even with the current kanjis I am learning, I get them to level up because I type the reading I remember. I don’t type the alternate reading because I have forgotten if it has another reading in the first place or not until WaniKani notifies me with the “Did you know this kanji has more than one reading?”

How do you guys learn all the On’yomi readings? Should I worry about this or just keep going the way I am going and hope that I’ll eventually remember them all.

Often I learn one reading of the kanji, even if it has more than one reading. As I can see from vocab words, most of the second readings are used there, so I don’t bother to learn them with kanji. I think if second reading of kanji is not used in WK system, it can be found in another vocab from wild, and eventually if u will learn it, u know the second reading.
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Yeah I hope so. I’m worried of not being able to eventually read the kanji in the wild if I forget the other readings at this rate actually.

The vocab always already helps me a lot with the different readings. And other than that, reading and other exposure to the kanji outside of WK makes a big difference for me.


To add to what others say, I would say it is more important to increase your kanji count than to learn every reading for fewer kanji.


My “this reading is the right one” sense is building up with time and exposure.


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