Dots in manga. Ellipses?

Dots in question highlighted. I’ve seen this a few times in different manga but haven’t figured out what it’s supposed to mean. An awkward pause maybe?


Emphasis. I like to think of it as punctuation. for. emphasis.

Note that they’re furigana over the kanji to their left rather than a line of dots on their own.


here is some extra reading about them. Emphasis Dots | Japanese with Anime

Edit: Note there are a lot of f-bombs in a paragraph about half way down the page. If your sensitive to harsh language just skip that part, it doesn’t add anything anyways.


Nice link!

Oh, now that was an interesting read. I sort of figured furigana dots were for emphasis/changed tone of voice in manga, but I never thought deeply about it. But this article has a ton of info about it! (also a ton of f-word use which might be good to know about beforehand, for those that are sensitive to that sort of thing. :sweat_smile: )


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