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So I finally started to try and read my first mangas in Japanese and I came across this: “何をすル?!”. And I can’t figure out is why there is suddenly a katagana ル for する. Is it a common way to write it or does it mean something special?


Sometimes katakana is used in place of what would commonly be written with hiragana as a means of emphasis for what the speaker is saying, kind of how in English we can use caps to emphasize a part of phrase

So it’s not the common way to write it, it’s just written in a way conveying more emphasis ^^


Katakana is often used to show emphasis in manga, so probably just a way of showing comedic emphasis to convey the speaker’s shock.


Ha you got Leebo’d.


Really, so that’s it? Makes tons of sense :flushed: Thank you!

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Thanks a lot for the fast answers. ^^

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