Don't do all of your lessons at once, kids

Wow! Thank you so much! I must confess I thought KaniWani was how the app was called or something. o_o I don’t even know.

Wow again! That course seems superhelpful. It’s made of other common vocabullary that use the kanji from the levels referred, right? I have an account on Memrise for a while now, but I haven’t ever used it. I hope I’ll like the system. (: Thanks, again!
Btw, haha, I don’t exactly stare at the screen, but I get a little impatient and come look at it every few minutes… eue

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I reset because I was gone for two years and didn’t practice jack shit.


If you think that’s bad, I have the exact same numbers as the OP in each of my queues. By mine are that way reading from left to right!! :wink:


I didn’t know that course exists on memrise! Thank you so much for the link. So far I’ve been using KaniWani and memrise as well aside from WK.
I’m still on starting level though, so I still have time to work on the other two… seeing many comments suffering from piles of review somehow gives me an impression that it would be a challenge I should overcome someday. Hahaha.

Hi, currently level 3. I’ve found doing 10 lessons a day is perfect. You learn 50 items a week (takes two and a half years to go through all of wanikani lessons. roughly :slight_smile: yay!) I do other studying besides WK, so I can’t have too many new items to learn a day. Looking at the 400 items to review looks amazing. Maybe at the higher levels it’ll be like that for me.

And congrats on the 3k+ burned.


I have no idea how common the vocabs on memrize are. I just consider it extra vocabs. I bet that the most useful and easy to learn vocabs are in wanikani already. But I hear words I picked up on memrize (and I have only looked at the first 7 levels so far) in anime and podcasts all the time. Some of them use kanji readings you are not taught in wanikani. That might be both a positive and a negative thing. I would definitely focus on wanikani first, but it is something to do if you happen to be ahead of the rest of the class, so to speak.

If you just keep at it and do a consistent amount of study every day you’ll be fine. I think the problem people run into is that they get away from it for a while. When you get back, you got a large pile of reviews, the memory is a little bit fuzzy about what you last learned and on top of that you get quized on stuff you did 5 levels ago. Of course you are going to get things wrong (everybody need repetition), the vocabs are going to “get demoted” and appear in your review queue even more often. And that’s great. That’s how the SRS system is supposed to work, but the downside is that you get even mooore reviews… and that can get overwhelming.

… I dunno, I’m just talking out of my ass. I haven’t had that problem myself, but I guess I too will hit the wall some day.

What is Kaniwani?

As the name implies, it’s the opposite of WaniKani.

You put in your WK API key and you can do reviews in reverse, where you are shown the meaning and have to generate the reading.

o__o I freak out when my reviews for next day are at 200+. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have 400+ reviews.

But I also freak out if my lessons are over 100.

WaniKani has me basically like this, all day everyday, trying to find balance:


Neat course. I had heard of an anki deck that is like Core10k - stuff already in WK, but I like that there is something similar for memrise. But it would be nice if it also had a jp->en version within it or as an accompanying course. I think only course creator can swap the order and if you do it, you lose progress for the other order.

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trying to find a way to save the GIF bc i need this in life.
EDIT; nevermind, right click+ save as

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Lol that’s really on point though.

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You do 100 reviews in 15 minutes? Wahhhh! Will I ever get there? Is there hope for me?

I just had a batch of 60 vocab, mostly from the previous level, come up, so I timed myself to see how it went. I wasn’t trying to be super speedy or anything, and I got 100%.

It took 6 minutes. So I imagine I could do more than 100 in 15 minutes if they were all apprentice items.

Enlightened and burn reviews can take longer.

What else is there to do? You answer and move on, I rarely linger for very long. I do think that waiting to see if you get something on the tip of your tongue is beneficial sometimes, but it’s a bad habit to do it more than a couple times in a session.

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If you don’t know an item do you think about it or just answer wrong and move on?

Lol I’m just about to hit level 53 in a few days. Here goes nothing…

off topic, but: Dude, what the hell, you are started at 8 march and 30 lvl already? Is that dark magic or what?

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Maybe i’m missing something…