Don’t know what to do. Time is near

yes, if you finish reviews, and you get radicals/kanji to guru, you’ll get new lessons.

Like people have said before, bringing stuff to guru, will open up lessons.
That’s why pacing yourself is important.

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Lessons don’t magically appear out of nowhere though. You only get new lessons if you get a radical or kanji to guru for the first time, so you can only get so many lessons to pile up before there’s nothing new to get to guru, and no new lessons will appear.

The approach of trying to keep everything manageable by keeping your lessons at 0 will actually achieve the exact opposite effect. By doing more lessons, there’s more stuff to get to guru, so you get more lessons when you do your reviews. If the pace is too quick just stop doing lessons, and the pace will slow down by itself.


Look, I don’t want to be harsh, but this is the second thread you created about getting too many lessons. People are really getting out of their way to explain to you how the SRS system works, but you seem adamant about going through WK as fast as possible. So, what is your point in making these posts? Again, sorry, if this is harsh, but I’m really trying to understand what you want to achieve with these threads.


Stop doing lessons. Period.


As someone who is very slow with lessons, as I said, only 5 or 10 a day, that’s not a big issue regarding reviews, as reviews generate from what you are learning, if you are learning very few new items you’ll be getting few reviews. And if you don’t have much new content to take to guru you won’t be getting more lessons. for example, if you’re reviewing mostly vocab, ther are no new lessons unlocked from vocab, there will be only new lessons from radicals and kanji that you take to guru. Of course, if before you were going at full speed it is possible that there will be some more reviews and new lessons coming, but once you’ve stopped doing lessons for 2-3 days it will be more or less under control and you can start doing lessons at the amount you find reasonable for you.

Hey, @kun123,

Here’s the TL;DR of this post.

You have one of two choices and you’ll have to deal with something either way:

  1. Continue at this lightning-fast pace and deal with the frantic schedule it requires.
  2. Slow the heck down and deal with the fact that you won’t finish this year.

The Reasoning Behind Those Options

Looking back at all of your old topics and posts, I’m wondering whether you might still not quite understand how Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS) are designed to work.

And, more specifically, how WaniKani’s implementation of SRS works, and how speed running such a system with over 8000 items would affect your review and lesson schedule.

I would strongly suggest finding those posts that give you a full explanation, but here’s the basic run down:

  • A WaniKani item is one of a (WaniKani) Radical, a Kanji card, or a Vocabulary word.
  • Items lessons are sorted so that they build upon one another.
  • When you are first presented a lesson, the Spaced Repetition System kicks in.
  • During review, when you get an item right, the amount of time before you see it again will increase.
  • During review, when you get an item wrong, the amount of time before you see it again will decrease.
  • The timing is determined more or less in hours from the last right/wrong answer.
  • You get lessons depending on what items have reached Guru status.

Since you have chosen to speed run, you’re going to come across exactly this situation, which you have described, all the time. And, you may even end up with larger piles of reviews.

When I initially signed up, which was quite some time ago, I had intended to speed run WaniKani as well. However, I ran into the exact situation you have described in your recent posts, and it was too much for me. So, I ended up resetting and pacing myself instead.

That is, I chose option 2…


Only if those reviews contain Kanji you just got to Guru.

Read through the responses, especially @seanblue and @DelvinWolf

I am relatively new at this and failed to follow my own advice today (doing 65 mostly vocab lessons because I leveled up), but stick to a number of items you can consistently remember per day and use that to guide the number of new lessons you do. For this, I tend to count radicals as one (as I only need to learn the meanings) and kanji and vocab as two (as you need to know the readings and meanings). I try to aim for 40 per day max on my end, which is probably the most difficult when you level up or guru a ton of kanji at once as you get a ton of unlocks and the temptation to do all of the lessons is high. Feel free to play with this number depending on how well you are handling the new items.

Finally, remember that lessons equal a lot of reviews in short order, so in a worst case scenario, stop doing lessons for a bit and try to guru or more some of the items you have in your review queue.

awesome this isnt fair. how on earth i get 198. i guess im gonna have to cheat… this is my first time getting this much what the heck. i bet after 200 reviews… man… 100 lessons.

Are you reading what people have posted? It seems you just ignore most of the messages here? If you take the time to understand how wanikani works I don’t think this will seem very mysterious…


Don’t mean to judge anyone for their methods, but why would cheating be the option here? If you don’t know the answer, you’re genuinely just better off getting it wrong so you can reinforce your learning through error and the earlier repeated showing.


It is really important to place yourself, because the number of reviews does go up at higher levels, because you are guru-ing, mastering, enlightening and burning all at once.

I leveled up every 9 days until somewhere in the 30s, and then it got too much. I only do lessons if I have 160 or fewer reviews a day, so I’m taking more days off from lessons these days. Also, vocabulary lessons take me much longer* to do, so I do fewer of those a day, meaning the first few days to a week after leveling up, I’m still working through last week’s vocabulary. So, I’m leveling up 1-2 x let month now. Can anyone from higher levels say-- does the review load lighten up again at some point? It seems like it would, once you have mostly burned items.

  • I mean, there’s meanings, intonation, and sentences to figure out. I frequently learn new grammar or idioms from the sentences, so I take my time to understand those, looking up any hiragana words or Jukugo using kanji we’ve already learned.
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no. i dont think anyone has time for 200 reviews and complete those in 1 hour or 2 hours. thats the issue. people told me it only gets easier as i progress but the problem is why am i seeing 200 reviews for the first time. when i started it, it was like 90 at max. and cheating would be the option because i wont have time. if i do half of it, then tomorrow i get like 50 reviews tomorrow so thats like 250. plus the remaining timer in the ETA slot

reading this thread was brutal… this community is too damn nice :grinning:. getting reviews wrong makes them come up sooner. you must be bombing reviews and they keep coming back after a couple hours.


200 reviews for anyone takes 1 hr at least. and i got +70 more in the next hour. so therefore thats like what? 1hr 30 mins of full review.

currently 5:55pm.

6pm = 200 reviews
7pm = +70 so by the time i finish, i get an another 70.

and then the next review batch comes in and you bomb those and now those are coming back in a couple hours along with the others. thats how you get over 200 reviews a day

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This really only holds after you start burning items, which usually happens around Lv 20 for most people, and/or if you aren’t speed running. Again, that’s the reason I gave up trying to speed WK.

You can also get this if you speed through the lessons, too, as they come up. I experienced it when I was trying to speed WK, and wasn’t really failing much.

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I’m not sure you’ve been reading any of the replies.

Many of the previous posts outline exactly why this is happening and what you can do about it.


ah yes good point. i dont do all my lessons in one session so that didnt cross my mind. :smile:

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If you’re getting overwhelmed with reviews and lessons the best thing I think you can do is just take a break from lessons while you level up your review items. The time between reviewing an item increases as it moves from novice to guru to master, etc. For instance, look at my dashboard right now. I took probably 4 months off, (which I do not recommend without using vacation mode, as I had to work my way through almost 2k reviews at that point), and when I came back a ton of my enlightened items were up for review again. Moving slowly like that has allowed me to burn a ton of things, making my review stacks much more manageable. My point is, don’t stress handling both at the same time if you can’t manage it. Radicals will unlock kanji, kanji will unlock vocab. But vocab is just there. Nothing new comes from it, so moving it up to guru or higher won’t give you more lessons, it will just make your daily review stack smaller.

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