Doggy Detectives 2! おかわり Week 8 Discussion

Pages 69 - 76

Story 2: うなぎ病院 実験

Start Date: 8th March
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Doggy Detectives 2

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This case doesn’t seem to be much of a whodunnit, but a howhedunnit!

I figure of all the people on pages 74-5 the culprit is this guy:

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I think you’re right on the money @Rowena!

One thing I was a bit puzzled by was page 70:


So basically more and more patients have been congregating outside to pet the dogs, then Spitz says it would be bad if he didn’t properly greet the hospital people, and then he leaves the dogs with Hanae and goes inside. I fail to see the logic in this sequence of events…? Does he mean that it’s the hospital staff he should apologise to for causing the excitement…? He ends up going inside to look for the unagi robber though, it seems.

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I agree that what he says does not jive with what he does

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Agreed. Since I am joining in just now, I wasn’t clear on if it was just this one or if all of the cases are laid out this way. He happens to smell the unagi but the only clue gathering seems to be the closet scene.

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The way I interpreted it was he went inside to introduce himself to the staff, but “なかにはだれもいない”, so he couldn’t. Then “うなぎのにおいがする”, so he decided to look for the culprit.


Ah, that makes perfect sense, cheers for that!