Doggy Detectives! おかわり Week 10 Discussion 🐶

Pages 88 - 97

Story 3: かっぱかっぱらった 実験

Start Date: 29th March
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I must say, I've really outdone myself with this one. Only ten pages in, and I know who the culprit is.



I like the “saucy” theme of the character names in this chapter. Although I wasn’t familiar with the dish the main character is named after, “Spaghetti alle vongole”.

Page 94 - the sign is for “Bar Boruyo” (written in English characters). I’m not sure where this name comes from, but perhaps a pun on the word ぼる - meaning “to ask a high price; to overcharge​”.


Out of curiosity, I typed カル into my browser’s address bar, and it suggested カルボナーラ. Are there that few katakana words that begin with カル, or is カルボナーラ just really popular? (When it comes to pasta, if it wasn’t enjoyed by two dogs in a Disney animated movie, I’m not familiar with it.)

Sounds about right to me. I wonder if it’s something the author came up with, or something the artist decided on.

Coincidentally, I learned 居酒屋 from WaniKani just days before starting this chapter.


page 93


I have no idea what こで is…? Does anyone know?

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After giving this careful analysis, I’ve concluded that this is missing the character そ (or maybe こ?)

Here is my supporting evidence:


Aaaah, thank you!