Doesent Accept Right answers

So i got this strange bug where sometimes when I typ a right answer it just wiggles. It then won’t continue until i typ a clear text garbage (no hiragana) like “tksb” which it will mark as a wrong answer and continue.
I had been using the override script but this problem persist after disabling and after clearing cookies.

Oh and if it is the meaning then I have to type some hiragana to make it fail.
how screwed am I?

Edit: so apperently it works if I copy paste the correct hiragana when it asks for the meaning, but you cant input text if it asks for the reading.

Damn fixed it, forgot to restart Firefox.

So anybody got a not so broken version of the override script?

You sure it’s Override causing it? There have been several reports of this problem already, though I have no idea if they were all using Override. I just refresh when that happens


Actually I think this is related to a bug we’ve been talking about already. Look through the forums for one about “meaning = reading” or something like that.

@viet is already aware of it, but they’ve been having trouble replicating it. Can you list more specifics?

Browser? Version?
Which items?

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I had a weird shaking bug like that a few weeks ago. I just had to refresh whenever it happened and it stopped at some point. Only appeared during two or three review sessions, but it happened frequently during those sessions.

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It might be the reorder script as well now that I think about it, but after disabling them and restarting as well as clearing cookies the bug disappeared.
So I am fairly certain it is override or reorder.
It might not be as it is purely correlation and might have other causes such as simply restarting firefox.
Browser is Firefox 53.03 64-bit
I think both vocab and kanji where affected but not all.

My working theory is that i put something wrong in used override and then didn’t answer it again for a while.

Refresh wasn’t enough for me tried ctrl F5 as well.

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