Messed readings and meaninngs today

I try to do review, and constantly notice that some questions doesn’t accept meaning at all, others - reading. Even wrong answer like ‘asdfxcvac’ is not accepted.

I tried to turn off trapermonkey and the result was the same.

At the end I understood - the marker reading/meaning is just swapped. Here is clear example.
Does not accept:

And then I switched to japanese layout, and entered hiragana manually (because that magic input doesn’t work for meanings)

Here are details:

Workaround I found - refresh page and answer other questions. Some of reviews can’t be passed because magic input for kana doesn’t allow to answer meaning

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Do you use any scripts? I have never encountered anyone having this problem.

Also: do you have any other lesson or review instances open? Be it anywhere on phone, tablet or pc. That can cause weird, glitchy behaviour.


Yes, but I disabled tapermonkey at all to make sure it doesn’t interfere, and the problem is still here.


I found one window, probably it caused problem, let me try …


Here’s hoping it solves the issue! :crossed_fingers:


Thanks, it helped! Another window with reviews caused this.


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