Correct answer marked as wrong 泉

I answered this correctly, but it was marked as wrong. The only thing that has changed is that I have just switched to Brave for my browser (though I am not convinced that was the cause). No other words had this problem (so far). I opened inspect console and there was one error about newrelic being blocked, which I would have expected given the nature of the browser.

I see this is a problem people used to have 5 years ago. Hopefully just a browser compatibility issue and not a regression.

When the same word reappeared in my review, it happened again. No error in javascript console.

It worked the third time.

That’s bizarre. I wonder what changed.

You might be interested in downloading the override script if this becomes a repeat issue for you

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I’d say the weirdest bit is is in the first pic, the mnemonic given was for the meaning and not the reading. It might be a once of error that you’ll never see again but I’d do a complete refresh, delete cookies and temporary internet files and all that jazz. Then if it happened again I’d email it in as a bug.

I might be mistaken but OP may have clicked the “display all information” button which would make the meaning mnemonic show up even though the question was asking for reading.

You are right. I hit the spacebar during my first attempt at taking a screenshot. This activated “display all information”.

This has not happened again. I guess something funky happened when I loaded that session… ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ

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