Respectfully, what is this category for?

A good portion of the threads I click in here that actually have a concrete suggestion to improve WaniKani get a response like: “you should send an email to, because they might not read this.”

If WaniKani staff do not (or only sometimes) read this forum, who are we giving feedback to? Is it just a community “first line of defense”, hearing one another out and triaging the issues we think are worth telling staff about from the (easily answered questions / bad ideas / overeager feature requests / complaints)?

I was just a little surprised to put feedback in the Feedback category and be told it’s not the best place for getting my Feedback heard. The pinned “About the Feedback category” thread could probably specify how the team interacts with this subforum and help manage expectations a little. :slight_smile:


We have a feedback category?


I think this thread should be pinned globally.


To answer your question seriously, I think WaniKani is a very different beast from what it was at the time this category was created. Back in early 2017 it wasn’t uncommon to see Viet or Koichi pop into a thread, because there weren’t nearly as many active users and new posts/topics being created. Nowadays, they have a larger staff team (including some staff who dedicate a fair chunk of time to the forums), but also the community has grown so much that email has become a much more reliable way to be heard.


Hey lake! That’s a fair point. We tend to prioritize emails first and while we look at the forum, we don’t always respond quickly or at all. I want to let you know that your comments are being read and heard. Thanks so much for the feedback. We really appreciated your latest writeup on improvements.


Thank you, Rachel! Ah, I totally forgot to stress in this post that you folks have been awesome at answering emails swiftly. That’s really awesome knowing the size of the community. Keep it up!! :heart:


I had the exact same thought, and just e-mailed instead. Rachel replied pretty quick though :grin:


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