Does this sentence sound Ok?

If someone asks me


And I answer


And they ask me どうしてですか

Is it Ok to say ( And this sentence is the main point of my question):


By this I am trying to say (Using very basic japanese) That with a smart person I can have an interesting Conversation. This would be:

Because I will have an interesting conversation with a smart person

Does it sound ok the way I am writing it in japanese?Please consider I am still on a begginer level so I just want to know if the sentence would make sense and not sound weird.

For your first response, you don’t need to reiterate both, it’s a bit wordy, but no problem grammatically.

For the second response, I think ~ができます seems more appropriate. You can have an interesting conversation with the smart person.

Also, できるからです if you don’t want to sound too formal!

I don’t know if that actually changes the level of formality, seeing as you’ve still got です and できます at the ends. I mean, yes, in your example you do get to sound informal for a moment, but then you bring it right back up to 丁寧語 with the です

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