Does resetting progress delete individual notes?

Hi guys, I have a lifetime membership and haven’t been working on wanikani for almost 5 years now due to work. I’m on level 49, but I want to reset my progress.
But I have saved many individual notes, personal vocabulary to kanji etc. Do those get deleted, too, when I reset? That would be really sad as it was a lot of work to look them up…

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No, they stay! It’s just the SRS data that gets deleted.

Edit: found this in another thread:

Not sure if this is still the case, but just in case make sure you don’t overwrite them!


Thankfully that was fixed a few months ago. Now when you come across old notes and alternate meanings, everything is still there during lessons and reviews that you previously entered.


Oh good! I knew there were some changes to lessons but I wasn’t sure if this was fixed, glad to see it was!