Resetting, Do I Lose My Notes?

Ok, so I want to start over at Level One, completely start over. I’m not very far in, so it’s not a big deal. BUT I have made notes that I don’t want to lose on some kanji/vocab. Wanikani seem to give two conflicting answers about this:

  1. Don’t worry, resetting your account does not remove your [user synonyms] or custom notes. (You just won’t be able to access them until you unlock those items again.)

  2. If you reset to level 1, all data will be deleted from your account and you will be able to start over with a clean slate.

So #1 looks great; that’s what I want. But #2 suggests that ALL data is deleted.




I never used custom notes but my user synonyms survived the resets just fine so I think that goes for both and “all data” refers only to SRS data.


You don’t lose them, but when you do your lessons, they won’t show up and will be overwritten if you type into the notes box. Leave the notes box alone and they will show up when you do your reviews if there was anything there before.