Is it possible to reset without deleting data?

I’m getting pretty frustrated and have been thinking about resetting lately in order to avoid having to deal with all the high levels and their impossible-to-remember rare kanji that don’t matter anyway. However, the description of resetting says that it will delete your data, which I don’t want to do.

Is there any way to reset while still preserving your historical review data?

Responses from people who have worked with the WK api for reset accounts would be especially helpful (@rfindley ). It’s unclear to me from the API docs whether resetting actually deletes review data or not.

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So it’s like WaniKani newgame+ huh :thinking:

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Well, you can do a backup of your own data but it will be removed from WK’s database. I know, I checked after resetting. I downloaded all of the stats before resetting though. But you can’t load it back into WK.

Essentially, all of the state for your lessons and item stats will be reset for everything >= level you reset to.

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I’m not surprised at the item stats etc. being reset. I was just wondering if there was a way to keep the review data.

I made a script to save all the data. I can share it if you want.

For what it is worth, the heatmap script still remembers my old review data after I had reset.

I wondered if that would be the case. But also, Heatmap keeps a cached copy, so I wonder if it would remember your data if you clear the cache.


I cleared the entire browser cache and the data is still there. I know the cache was indeed cleared because I lost all my setup data.


Good to know!
So, @l_l , it looks like your past review data will be not be deleted… though it won’t be visible anywhere but via the API and any scripts that use that particular subset of data.


Huh, I was sure that they deleted old reviews… I guess only lesson data is lost, then

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Yes, my lessons data is lost. There should be a way to infer the lesson data from the reviews though.

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I went ahead and reset, and so far, my old review data appears to still be available in the API. So I guess that settles that. It’s a shame the documentation is so confusing.

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