Does does the book series genki get the meaning from "genki" (energy)?

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Level 5 here and just learned the kanji for origin+energy, which means health, spirit or energy and is pronounced “gen-ki”.

As you probably know theres a book series to learn japanese with the same name and I was curious as to if the book has it’s meaning from “energy” or if there is another word “genki” that means something else entirely.

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元気 can also be used to refer to your condition, so saying お元気ですか would mean “How are you?”, where 元気 means something along the lines of “Healthy” or “Alright” in English.

お元気ですか。 - Are you healthy?
元気です。 - I am alright (yes).

I’m still not sure about the exact meaning however, since it isn’t written in kanji anywhere.

EDIT: I just found the about section on the website:

Here, they say that the book gives students “genki”, so I’d guess this refers to giving them vigor or energy in studying, so I’d say yes, this refers to 元気 (energy).


Cool thanks! Weird why they would name their series after that though… I guess “how are you” is a fine name for a beginners japanese book eh

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元気 (げんき) has multiple meanings, including “healthy, vigor, spirited, vital, etc”

So I view it as the textbook helping us make our grammar studies/Japanese learning “元気” / healthy & well & spirited! ^^


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