Difference between 活気 and 元気 usage

Both kakki and genki are supposed to mean energy, so I’m not sure when its appropriate to use either. Would someone be able to let me know?


Did you take a look at the context and examples sentences provided by Wanikani ? Just with the english gloss, you can see that:
元気 is a na-adjective, used as “energetic” or “healthy”, about a person.
活気 is a noun, used as “energetic” or “lively” not only for persons but also places

It’s a good enough starting point, I think.
The only missing part from WK is the frequency. 元気 is an extremely common word, while 活気 is less common.


I happened here on a search and wondered if you had any resources for looking up word frequency? Thanks for the the topic answer as well.

WKStats Frequency

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