Could you please increase the font size

could you please increase the font size on the vocabulary right hand column?!

Captura de Pantalla 2021-04-01 a la(s) 07.52.34|690x417


does CTRL + scroll wheel work?


I was thinking the same thing the other day!

The font for the reading looks so small on my computer that it is almost impossible to distinguish ほ and ぼ for example.

CTRL+ does work, but increases the zoom factor for the whole page (and all the other pages I have open) which is a little annoying.


Same thing for me! Not user-friendly!


If you think the size is wonky here, you should try KameSame. It about burns your retinas out looking at the HUGE text at the top there lol. It’ll go the whole way across the screen, and you can’t adjust it either.

Zooming is no problem I feel like. But those diagonal lines actually make my eyes hurt and I can’t even focus my sight. I don’t think it’s safe to look at that for too long.

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