Do You Cheat? How?


I wrote down the radical names. I can’t understand why WK wants us to remember it and some are ridiculous anyway.

Because that’s the whole premise of how they aim to teach how to remember the kanji?


But the names in WK… when we learn Chinese, we have proper names if you know what I mean.

Those aren’t used for making mnemonics from, like WK is doing. Yes, WK uses the term “radical” liberally to include all kanji elements, even ones not used for indexing kanji in dictionaries.


No, but I’ve been using @rfindley’s double check to automatically enable lightning mode and also fix my typo, not to retype my wrong answer and abuse the system just to get 100% correct.

I use WK Ultimate Timeline but I changed its setting so that I can’t peek what’s coming in the next review.

None. If I knew any scripts that could change my behaviour to turn to the dark side, I removed it. (Like when I uninstalled WK Auto Commit, though some people seems to be very happy with this script)

Haha yes I guess I have been treating them like real radicals. Guess how many of the number of times I got 母 wrong ? Now I add my own ones. Cheers.

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The radicals are genuinely helpful for some of the later mnemonics, where WK builds stories for you that are so vivid and ridiculous they aid greatly in remembering either reading or meaning, and it usually starts with knowing at least one of the WK “radicals” involved.

But also, like, don’t feel like you can’t add your own synonyms to them if you have a personal way of remembering it or want to add its kanji meaning, etc. My radicals are loaded up with synonyms, though I also try to keep the WK one in the back of my mind in case it ever plays into a useful mnemonic.

  • reorder script
    to a) learn all radicals immediately after levelling up and b) learn other items sorted by level

  • auto commit
    … until i uninstalled it. nice experience but too tempting, since i’m a fast typer and revisioning happens faster than my honesty can kick in … :sweat_smile:

  • self study quiz for additional leech training

  • bulk add kanji user synonyms
    kind of increases chances of a lucky guess, when something has lots of meanings. still not strictly cheating, though.

  • kamesame (or kaniwani)
    messes a bit with the SRS of course but i decided to now only review burned items on kamesame, further solidifying recognition of these items.

I did hesitate in the beginning and now I don’t. :smile:

I use WaniKani override for when I fat-finger something. Which happens way more than it should.

I flirt with my reviews and the moment they get red shy, I override them.


I use the ignore script on my phone, 99% of the time for genuine typos because typing on a phone is stupid. I also use the script that tells me if I’m meant to be entering on’yomi or kun’yomi for a kanji. I think that’s kind of it for stuff that directly affects my reviews?

In terms of lessons I just use WaniKani’s ordering so I go through the previous level’s vocab before I start getting into the radicals and kanji for the current level, and I use the user synonym/phonetic-semantic composition double-whammy to add logical extra meanings to some of the radicals.

Other than that, I have the leech script installed too but much like my critical items list I almost never actually check it.

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I am rich so I ask other people to do my reviews just so that can appear as a Japanese guy.


WaniKani Override is the best script. I use it so much :expressionless:

The ignore script for typos and on-kun for reviews and the reorder script for lessons (I make sure all the vocabulary is done first, then radicals/kanji).

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I don’t do anything electronic except use the preview screens of levels to come to copy into my Cheat Book. I have copied everything (I have over twenty pages full) onto some graph paper. The real helper I’ve learned is hearing it said audibly while I am looking at the characters in question (something I cannot cheat…yet).

I have been informed that having a self-made reference tool is totally cheating and defeats the process of WK (though, I still feel them working in tandem but what would I know about my learning <3)

I use that script that lets you make incorrect answers correct so that I can keyboard smash my way through the radicals. They serve no purpose to me since I don’t use mnemonics.

(And if I’m going to learn radicals I want to learn the proper names for them y’know.)

I don’t use any cheating device, aside from manually checking the list when I know I know said kanji or vocab, but I try not to do that. I do find that Kaniwani has proved helpful in making certain vocab stick in my mind.