Share your best Study tips for WaniKani!

After using WK for a few months consistently now (after using it on and off for years and finally resetting my account), I feel like I’m getting the hang of it and finally finding ways to tailor my experience so i learn best. And after that other tips thread… that went wrong last week, I thought we could all share our favorite tips and tricks that work for us to hopefully help each other. I found a bunch of study tips threads and beginnings tips, but not one as general as this.

Here are just a few of mine -

  • Making use of the “reading notes” section and writing any and all thoughts on that item that link it in my memory, or places Ive seen this kanji or word before. Ive lived in Japan so I have some vocab in the back of my mind already that sometimes i can link to kanji as i’m learning to help memorize quicker. or just taking a minute to write something, ANYTHING, that moment of pause may help you down the road.

  • Liberally adding synonyms to words to make sure they make sense to me. Sometimes i’ll add a synonym that is all of the meanings of the word together to make sure i remember multiple things, sometimes ill have to add little phrases to make sure i’m understanding the context of how the word is used. sometimes ill add jokes that stick in my head (like puppo instead of dog, thicc instead of thick, or simply ew instead of testicles)

  • This one is really obvious but, scripts. changed my life.

please share yours :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Well that’s kinda vague. Which scripts do you mean? I personally can’t live without Ultimate Timeline. Also KaniWani FTW!

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I didn’t elaborate because i felt like there were so many threads on scripts. but that being said, ultimate timeline has made me understand better how wk works, which makes me enjoy it more. Real number just makes sense. Id really love a similar kanji script, but the one i downloaded was broken and couldn’t find another.
What does kaniwani FTW do?

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FTW = for the win.

KaniWani is the reverse of WaniKani. On WK, you get the kanji and have to give the kana and meaning in English. On KW, you get the meaning in English and then you have to type the kana/kanji.

I have a script on my life that gives me money.

“That’s not a thing.”

If not, there should be…

(Dies dramatically)


lol I thought that was the name of a script, I know what ftw means and also what kaniwani is. I thought there was some magick script that i was missing… because im an idiot.


LOL you probably just haven’t had coffee yet…

Or maybe I can’t write :rofl:


As far as KW goes, it can be an excellent tool for practicing writing kanji. Once you see the English word in KW reviews, challenge yourself to write out the kanji before typing in the kana!


I use my mobile phone/tablet with stylus for KaniWani, and with the stylus I enter the kanji. So yes, KW is indeed an excellent tool for practicing writing kanji, especially if you have Japanese IME and stylus (although I guess finger would also work just fine).

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Every time I try to use KW I get so overwhelmed with how many reviews I have to start, then stop using it. I really need to get motivated with that…


How many reviews is that???

right now 107



Ouch… I mean you can do it!!



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If you’re getting two similar kanji mixed up, write them down next to each other.

Don’t open the forums up before you do your reviews. no, don’t do it



show off…


I actually do have a script like that in my life! It takes a lot to activate though, usually 8 hours a day, 5 days a week or so. And for all that effort, I only get money twice a month!

Better than nothing I guess.

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That script seems broken.

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