Do I smell big discounts for the subscription plans?

Black friday is coming up, and though Tofugu is ofcourse not forced to run discounts, I’m having hopes. Any ideas for what discounts we will see, if any? Drooling a little on the lifetime plan…


I’m looking to buy membership too - I am nearing the end of the free levels.

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the half price coupon I was using died, so i hope there is a discount at either black friday or the new year or i wont be able to carry on :frowning:

usually the discounts will be available at the end of the year.

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Pretty sure they stated before that they only do discounts on New Years. (Except for the half-price coupons for textfugu members, those are always available)

I have only been here since September 2016. There was a lot of talk about the Chirstmas period discount. Eventually, there was a $100 discount on the lifetime membership in December 2016. If you had an existing monthly / yearly subscription, the unused part of that subscription could be used to further discount a lifetime membership.

At this stage, you could pay for monthly or yearly and see what happens in December.

I do not recall seeing a Black Friday sale last year.

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