Lifetime subscription from Tofugu



I bought a lifetime subscription on Tufugu in 2016 and I was wondering if it applies on Wanikani aswell, because so far it does not seem to give me any clues about it being the case :c

Looking forward to an answer, thanks! ^^


I think Tofugu (Textfugu?) members were eligible for some sort of discount code for the monthly and yearly subs here on WK, but I’m not sure if that’s still the case :thinking:

I’d recommend emailing the team at and mentioning your lifetime account to see if you’re eligible for anything


Thanks, I’ll try that and post the result here :smiley:


Yeah, you get a discount for the yearly subscription - the produre is mentioned on the Dashboard, and it’s basically what @MissMisc said:

WaniKani is our kanji learning web app that uses radicals, mnemonics, and SRS to help you learn ~2000 kanji and ~6000 vocabulary in 1.5-2 years. Email using your registered TextFugu email address to request a discount code. In the meantime, try the first three levels for free to learn about a year’s worth of Japanese classroom kanji in about a month.

(The code itself used to be on the dashboard, but apparently it was the same code for everyone, and someone posted it on Reddit or somesuch, so… yeah.)


As mentioned above I indeed got a 50% discount on monthly and yearly subscription.
A bit sad considering I’m more of a lifetime purchase fan myself :confused:
But hey at least it’s something, thanks everyone!