Lifetime subscription from Tofugu


I bought a lifetime subscription on Tufugu in 2016 and I was wondering if it applies on Wanikani aswell, because so far it does not seem to give me any clues about it being the case :c

Looking forward to an answer, thanks! ^^


I think Tofugu (Textfugu?) members were eligible for some sort of discount code for the monthly and yearly subs here on WK, but I’m not sure if that’s still the case :thinking:

I’d recommend emailing the team at and mentioning your lifetime account to see if you’re eligible for anything


Thanks, I’ll try that and post the result here :smiley:


Yeah, you get a discount for the yearly subscription - the produre is mentioned on the Dashboard, and it’s basically what @MissMisc said:

WaniKani is our kanji learning web app that uses radicals, mnemonics, and SRS to help you learn ~2000 kanji and ~6000 vocabulary in 1.5-2 years. Email using your registered TextFugu email address to request a discount code. In the meantime, try the first three levels for free to learn about a year’s worth of Japanese classroom kanji in about a month.

(The code itself used to be on the dashboard, but apparently it was the same code for everyone, and someone posted it on Reddit or somesuch, so… yeah.)

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As mentioned above I indeed got a 50% discount on monthly and yearly subscription.
A bit sad considering I’m more of a lifetime purchase fan myself :confused:
But hey at least it’s something, thanks everyone!

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